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Personal Development in San Marcos, TX

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  • Discovery Toys
    Keep your children happy and smart! A toy is not only fun but will also teach anybody a lesson or two. Get your hardhat on! Pretend to be a construction worker today with your kiddos and start building with a fun set from this Discovery Toys. What better way to pass the time than with some board puzzles and card games? What's better to snuggle with at night than a cute stuffed animal? Make sure to check out what's available. Your boundaries are unlimited when you are in control of an awesome radio control toy. Take it anywhere you want! No toy chest is complete without an action figure. Pick up one at this store to make sure you have this for your next play date! Set your sights even further with the help of a spectacular pair of binoculars from Discovery Toys. Luckily, Discovery Toys is only a short walk away from available parking.
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    1820 Pearce Court
    San Marcos, TX US
  • Brenda Miles Photography
    A quick glance between newlyweds or a sleeping baby's peaceful expression. These moments are often missed or quickly forgotten. But not when Brenda Miles is nearby. The photographer cements such moments in pictures that end up perched on mantels and hanging from rearview mirrors. Brenda’s passion for posed and candid photos is evident as she follows brides on their wedding day and photographs expectant mothers, newborns, and families. And when not clicking away at a photo shoot, Brenda happily teaches camera newbies how to photograph like a pro. During a three-hour class, students learn all the bells and whistles on their own camera as well as how to use different sources of light to create better pictures.
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    100 Blue Hole Lane
    Wimberley, TX US
  • TexasCHL
    The Range Live-fire training takes place at a local outdoor range. The Rentals Texas CHL requires that students bring their own firearms, though instructors typically have a few extra firearms available in the case of weapons malfunctioning. At a Glance Robert Greene is the NRA-certified instructor behind Texas CHL. In addition to that certification and license as a Texas CHL instructor, Mr. Greene spent 10 years as a law-enforcement officer. He funnels all of that experience into his firearms classes, which include concealed-handgun-license courses, home-protection courses, and NRA basic courses in pistols and rifles.
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    PO Box 2169
    Kyle, TX US
  • Rally Ready
    In rally car racing, drivers learn to brake with their left foot, push cars to their limit (and often beyond) and slide sideways over loose terrain with the tail of the car hanging out sideways the entire time. The expert team at this Texas rally driving school can take students from complete novice to bona fide rally driver in as little as half a day. Rally Ready Driving School brings the ultimate adrenaline-packed experience to their students as they take the wheel of their own rally car and practice the fundamentals of what makes a successful rally driver. Each class culminates in a real rally stage where participants get to drive flat out down dirt roads, sliding over corners and crests in a once-in-a-lifetime rally racing experience. Their cars: plenty, with a diverse array of options ranging from all-wheel, rear-wheel, and front-wheel drive to everything from stock, caged, and turbo rally cars. Students are encouraged to push them to their limits, too; house mechanics rebuild them between classes and sometimes during—offering a glimpse behind the scenes of how cars are built. Their terrain: The Rally Ranch, home to Rally Ready Driving School, is 140 acres of purpose-built rally stages just a stone's throw from Austin. During their class, drivers will experience everything from the steep, high-camber corners of New Zealand to the slick gravel of Rally Great Britain and everything in between. With much of the beginner tracks built in to the open ranch pastures, students can push the cars and themselves without fear of damaging the cars while the advanced tracks mirror those that you might see in the World Rally Championship. The instructors: A cadre, led by three-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb champion "Texas Dave" Carapetyan. Each instructor brings a different, diverse motorsport experience with decades of collective experience including championships in rally racing, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, drifting, off-road racing and circle track. Each instructor is focused on their student's individual learning style and tailors the experience so that drivers of every skill level can benefit from their training. The hands-on experience: After a brief classroom session and a demonstration from the instructor, voila—students find themselves behind the wheel with the throttle to the floor. Seat time is the name of the game and there's plenty of it. With an instructor riding shotgun, students race through different exercises developing the skills and muscle memory necessary to call themselves truly Rally Ready.
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    304 Blue Jay Road
    Dale, TX US
  • Ready Learning Academy
    The Range For classes that incorporate live-fire training, Ready Learning Academy works out of their private shooting range in Georgetown, Texas. The Rentals Depending on the course, customers can rent 9 millimeter semi-automatic handguns such as a Ruger SR-9 or Glock 17/19, a tactical pump shotgun such as a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500, and an AR-15 such as a Colt LE 6920, Sig Sauer M400 or an LWRC M6. Models are subject to availability. At a Glance Ready Learning Academy's professionally trained instructors believe that responsible gun use comes from a solid foundation in shooting fundamentals. That's why the academy offers three levels of handgun, carbine, or rife and shotgun classes. During these sessions, instructors teach students of all experience levels on the fundamentals of stance, grip and hold, and trigger control. Pupils progress onto more advanced skills such as defensive tactics, cover and concealment, shooting while moving, and engaging multiple threats. Away from the range, the staff offers a variety of services including gunsmith tune-ups, sells firearms at its store and conducts self-defense courses.
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    3795 Dry Creek Road
    Lockhart, TX US
  • Round Rock Honey
    Named Best Honey in 2008 by the Dallas Observer, Round Rock Honey's 100% natural local wildflower honey is harvested from more than 90 sites by owners Konrad and Elizabeth Bouffard and their crews of trained beekeepers. With precision, they remove the liquid gold from hives by centrifuge, ensuring that pollen, trace minerals, and complex sugars are never compromised during the honey harvest. They then pour the honey through a stainless-steel sieve to remove potential bee legs and wings, wax caps, and miniature tiaras before bottling it and selling it to specialty stores, farmer's market visitors, and online customers. A similar procedure happens in other parts of the country at Round Rock's beekeeping schools. During classes, Konrad Bouffard and Beekeeping Academy teachers impart their beekeeping knowledge upon suited-up students while they extract honey from a live beehive. Along the way, novices learn about the finer points of raising bees and keeping them healthy, as well as bee handling and lullaby-buzzing.
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    116 West Krezdorn Street
    Seguin, TX US