1 53 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL 60604


The resident gastronomic gurus at Cavanaugh’s Bar and Restaurant serve up a menu of classic sandwiches, fish, and meaty entrees alongside 10 draft brews & a selection of wine. Amid deep wooden accents and striped walls, slurp up spoonfuls of potato and leek soup ($4.50) or ignite dormant appetites with starters such as crispy calamari giardiniera sidled up next to a lemon parsley mayonnaise that's as smooth and delicious as a buttered up bar of chocolate ($8.50). The sandwich board fills fists with the South Loop rib-eye steak, whose namesake ingredient teams up with whiskey grilled onions and tangy blue cheese to turn a toasted baguette into a torpedo of deliciousness ($12.95). The stuffed chicken breast snuggles together pesto goat cheese, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes in a meaty sleeping bag that rests upon a bed of bowtie pasta and artichoke hearts ($12.95). Meanwhile, tongues flutter with the pesto-crusted salmon filet ($13.95) or the hickory-rubbed pork-loin chops ($13.95), both of which distract mouths from blurting out their owners’ embarrassing childhood nicknames.