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      Up to 83% Off Lipo-Cavitation Treatment Packages

      Bella Nouva Med Spa & Wellness Center

      North Miami Beach

      Lipo-cavitation treatment employs lasers to slim physiques; lymphatic massage enhances weight loss, as does body-vibration session

      $150 $35 Sale Ends 2/2

      Up to 82% Off i-Lipo and Vibe Plate Sessions

      Community Health and Wellness Center


      i-Lipo treatments noninvasively sculpt physiques and are enhanced by Vibe Plate sessions

      $400 $89

      Up to 88% Off Vitamin B12 with MIC Injections

      Fit and Trim

      Pembroke Pines

      Injections of vitamin B12 and methione, inositol, choline & amino acids with optional Lipo-Lean fat burner shots support weight-loss efforts

      $300 $59

      Up to 69% Off I-Lipo Treatments

      Wellness and Hormone Centers of America

      The Polo Club Shoppes

      Non-invasive I-lipo treatments use low-level lasers to aid with weight-loss by contouring the body to reduce the appearance of cellulite

      $400 $129

      Up to 70% Off Lipo-Light Body Contouring

      Boca Body Light

      Villa Rica

      Noninvasive light treatments painlessly emulsify excess fat in problem areas such as the stomach, thighs, or arms

      $189 $56 Sale Ends 2/2

      Up to 82% Off Lipo-Cavitation Treatments

      Spa & Beauty by JC Physical Therapy


      FDA-approved ultrasonic energy breaks up cellulite and emulsifies fat cells; radio-frequency energy heats and tightens tissue under the skin

      $140 $29

      Up to 86% Off iLipo at A Younger You

      A Younger You

      Coral Springs Mall

      Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

      $400 $79

      Up to 87% Off Laser Lipo

      Light Touch Slim Spa

      Coral Springs

      Laser-lipo sessions target areas of stubborn fat to slim physiques; whole-body vibration sessions augment laser lipo’s effects

      $250 $43

      Up to 69% Off Ultrasonic Fat Reduction

      Kellys Jimenez at B Balanced Integrative Medicine


      Clients shed pounds through noninvasive weight-loss treatments; vibration sessions work to promote further weight loss

      $100 $49

      Up to 78% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation

      Bio Beauty Skincare & Waxing Center

      Tamarac/Coral Springs

      During 15- to 20-minute sessions, ultrasonic-cavitation treatments target areas of stubborn fat to contour bodies

      $240 $56

      Up to 87% Off Laser-Lipo Treatments

      Inline Health & Wellness

      Coral Ridge

      Laser-lipo treatments use noninvasive infrared light rays to liquify fat, allowing the body to release it through its natural processes

      $1,500 $199

      75% Off Waist-Buster Lipo Treatments

      Body Contour Wellness Center

      Fort Lauderdale

      Noninvasive lipo treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or down time

      $500 $125

      Up to 93% Off Lipo-Laser Treatments

      Peel Cosmedical Spa


      Noninvasive lipo-laser treatments shrink fat cells in problem areas, such as the hips, thighs, and love handles

      $1,200 $99

      Up to 46% Off Liposuction

      Jireh Cosmetic Surgery

      Miami Lakes

      Dr. Martinez and his staff use liposuction to remove unwanted fat and sculpt more sightly curves

      $2,500 $1,600

      Up to 79% Off Liposlim Ultrasonic-Cavitation Treatments

      ZPro Salon & Med Spa

      Boca Del Mar

      Ultrasonic waves penetrate the skin to dissolve the contents of fat cells and oust them from bodies via the lymphatic system

      $300 $89

      Up to 81% Off Lipo Body Contouring Sessions

      Plantation Spine and Physical Rehabilitation Center


      Noninvasive Nlazer lipo tech harnesses the power of LED light to break down fat cells that are released through the body’s lymphatic system

      $600 $125

      60% Off Body Contouring Weight Loss Treatment

      Body Contour Wellness Center

      Fort Lauderdale

      Treatment includes consult, ultrasonic cavitation energy waves, radio frequency, whole-body vibration, and more to reduce fat and cellulite

      $495 $199

      Up to 74% Off Lipo-Light Body-Scuipting Treatments

      Dr. Maan's Chiropractic

      Pembroke Pines

      Noninvasive laser light targets localized fat deposits

      $240 $70 Sale Ends 2/2

      Up to 82% Off Lipo-Light Body-Sculpting Treatments

      Smart For Life

      Multiple Locations

      This noninvasive alternative to traditional liposuction liquefies unwanted fat, which the body then disposes as waste

      $400 $89

      Up to 86% Off i-Lipo Laser Fat Reduction

      Stanger Health and Weight Loss Center

      Multiple Locations

      Noninvasive treatment uses lasers to penetrate fat cells, causing them to release their contents; whole-body vibration stimulates muscles

      $400 $72 Sale Ends 2/2

      Up to 75% Off Body-Contouring Treatments

      Body Contour Wellness Center

      Fort Lauderdale

      Noninvasive Cavi-Lipo treatments aim to boost weight loss, tighten skin, and address appearance of cellulite

      $400 $125

      91% Off Lipo-Light at Cosmetic by Laser

      Cosmetic by Laser

      Country Club

      Lipo-Light treatments use lasers to contour bodies, which helps clients lose inches and weight

      $1,050 $99

      Up to 71% Off Lipo-Light Packages

      DRS Medical

      Pembroke Lakes

      Light-emitting paddles break down fat, helping clients lose inches; vibration-plate sessions and lymphatic massages aid in weight loss

      $200 $85

      Up to 73% Off Cellulite Reduction

      Boca Med Spa

      Boca Raton

      Triple-action laser dermology treatments and lipo massage reduces the appearance of cellulite and leave skin smooth and firm

      $250 $79

      Up to 51% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation

      Serenity Spa at Biscayne

      North Miami

      Ultrasonic-cavitation treatments are a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction that may help reduce cellulite, burn fat, and tighten skin

      $199 $99

      Up to 82% Off LipoLaser and VibraTrim



      LipoLaser can reduce inches from waistlines

      $400 $89

      Up to 53% Off Laser Lipo Treatments

      Advance Health Services


      Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

      $199 $99

      Up to 87% Off Laser Cellulite and Fat Reduction

      Jardin Bleu Spa

      Deerfield Beach(13.6 miles)

      Noninvasive radio-frequency waves and laser light energy target cellulite and fat deposits, expelling them—along with toxins—from the body

      $700 $99

      Up to 82% Off iLipo and Vibration-Plate Treatments

      Reliable Wellness Solutions


      Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

      $400 $89

      Up to 87% Off Ultracavitation at Radiance Beauty Lounge

      Radiance Beauty Lounge

      Edgewater(22.5 miles)

      Noninvasive ultracavitation treatments contour target areas by slimming stubborn fat deposits without the downtime of surgery or liposuction

      $540 $79

      Up to 76% Off iShrink Lipo Light Treatments

      DRS Medical

      Pembroke Pines

      Low-level lasers break down fat, helping clients lose inches and tone bodies

      $250 $79

      Up to 87% Off Cellulite Reduction

      Jardin Bleu Spa

      Deerfield Beach(13.6 miles)

      Nonsurgical radio-frequency technologies work to liquefy cellulite and fat cells, which are then flushed out of the body as waste

      $700 $99

      Up to 82% Off at Stranger Health and Weight Loss Center

      Stranger Health and Weight Loss Center

      Multiple Locations

      Noninvasive laser treatments minimize fat deposits; post-treatment, guests hop on vibration plates, designed to enhance results

      $400 $89

      Up to 62% Off Vaser Liposuction

      LIV Plastic Surgery by Dr. Andrew Ress

      Boca Raton

      Ultrasound energy melts fat cells and effectively removes them via a small tube during powerful, minimally invasive liposuction procedure

      $2,500 $999

      Up to 70% Of Lipo Laser Treatments

      Morit Cosmetics, Inc.

      Coral Springs

      Noninvasive laser treatments target specific areas of the body, resulting in fat and cellulite reduction

      $260 $79

      Up to 82% Off Noninvasive Laser-Lipo & Vibration-Plate Sessions

      Marc K. Weinberg, DC

      North Miami Beach

      Noninvasive laser lipo treatments and vibration-plate sessions aid in weight loss

      $400 $89

      54% Off Lipo Facelift or Facial Treatments

      Dr. Larry Burch Chiropractic


      Facial treatments address wrinkles, acne, and rosacea

      $170 $79

      Up to 83% Off Liposlim Treatments

      Jenz Aesthetic Beauty

      Miami Lakes

      Cold lasers, radiofrequency and lymphatic drainage combine to noninvasively shrink fat cells

      $330 $69

      Up to 86% Off Laser-Lipo with Vibration Therapy

      Veronica Alaniz at Ocean Beauty Salon and Skin Care Clinic

      Coconut Creek

      Lasers expel fat from cells to help shrink problem areas, followed by vibration therapy to help burn more calories

      $600 $89

      Up to 70% Off Laser Lipo

      Nahomie's Day Spa


      Laser lipo can help get rid of stubborn inches

      $299.50 $89

      Up to 70% Off Body-Slimming Treatments

      Pit Center, Day Spa and Therapy Center

      Myrtle Grove

      Noninvasive treatments use ultrasound frequencies in attempts to breakdown fatty tissue for drainage through lymphatic system

      $270 $90

      Up to 85% Off LipoLaser Packages at Just4Body Spa

      Just4Body Spa

      Miami Lakes

      Beams of light focus on trouble areas to break down fat cells; vibration therapy then aims to aid in the natural expulsion of their contents

      $600 $99

      Up to 54% Off SmartLipo Liposuction

      Derma Laser Center


      Using a local anesthetic, the doctor removes fat from such areas as the abdomen, back, arms, and face

      $2,000 $999

      Up to 71% Off Liposuction at AStar Medical Group

      AStar Medical Group

      Bay Harbor Islands

      Doctor removes fat from targeted areas of the body to create slimmer physiques

      $3,500 $1,399