Six-Piece Ceramic Knives Set

Strong, lightweight ceramic knives with ergonomic handles retain their sharp blades through extended use and resist corrosion over time

C$179 C$49.99

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Snap by Groupon

Earn $1 cash back with the purchase of milk from any store using Snap by Groupon, a free app that reimburses you for grocery purchases


Chef Buddy Sink Cutting Board

In-sink cutting board adds approximately 150 square inches of cutting space and has a built-in basket to collect cut-up foods

C$46.99 C$26.99

Paderno Stainless Steel Chef 11-Piece Set

18/10 stainless steel cookware made with encapsulated bases and durable welded handles distributes heat evenly to the sizzling foods within

C$599.99 C$159.99

Cuisinart FlavorBrew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

Compact coffeemaker automatically brews pots at a preset start time and keeps coffee warm for hours in its insulated thermal carafe

C$89.99 C$79.99

Kalorik 3-Tier Food Steamer

Home cooks can steam rice, vegetables, and other ingredients all at once inside this steamer’s three separate tiers

C$59.99 C$44.99

Kalorik Stainless Steel Rotisserie

Rotisserie roasts meat and poultry, turning out tender ribs and crispy chicken with an electronically controlled heating element

C$199.99 C$119.99

Wine Aerator Set

Hold this aerator over a glass, pour wine through, and watch as it mixes the wine with oxygen for an enhanced bouquet in seconds

C$39.99 C$21.99

Top Chef 12-Piece Colored Cutlery Set

Chop veggies, slice bread, and cut meat with this set of corrosion-resistant stainless steel knives branded with the Top Chef logo

C$50 C$34.99

Four-Piece Wine Set

Four-piece wine set with stainless steel waiter corkscrew, bottle stopper, drip ring, and pourer/stopper

C$39.99 C$19.99

51-Piece Kitchen Essentials Set

Set includes all the basics for getting started in the kitchen, from a knife block stocked with stainless steel blades to a can opener

C$99.99 C$49.99

Barbuzzo 4-Piece Shot Glass Sets

Shot glasses inspired by beer goblets, cocktail glasses, and other real-world vessels put a quirky spin on shooting liquor

C$29.95 C$12.99

Shot Glass Party Games

Party games determine who must take the next shot with fun features such as a “loaded” die or a spinnable arrow

C$16.52 C$11.99

Top Chef 15-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set

The Top Chef logo adorns ice-tempered, hollow-grind stainless steel knife blades, which slip into a solid-wood butcher’s block

C$227.99 C$169.99

Kalorik iSense Food Scale Mixing Bowl

Versatile kitchen scale with a detachable stainless steel bowl features multiple preset modes that take the guesswork out of new recipes

C$49.99 C$29.99

Kalorik 8-Cup Food Processor

This versatile food processor makes everything from dough to juice with an assortment of seven chopping and mixing attachments

C$99.99 C$79.99

Kalorik 18- or 21-Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Coolers

Store and age wine safely and naturally in an environmentally friendly cooler with adjustable temperature controls and inner air circulation

C$349.99 C$269.99

Heart-Shaped Stainless Steel Waffle Maker

Waffle maker cooks up five heart-shaped waffles at once on a stainless steel cooking plate with a nonstick coating

C$34.99 C$27.99

Kalorik Stainless Steel 7-Egg Cooker

Stainless steel egg cooker with removable cooking tray capably boils up to 7 eggs—hard or soft—or poaches up to 4

C$34.99 C$22.99

Smokeless Stovetop Barbecue Grill

Stovetop grill with an inner water reservoir to prevent smoke and splatters crafts healthy meals any time of year

C$36.14 C$15.99

Royalty Line 16-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Food cooks quickly and evenly in these stainless steel pots and pans thanks to highly-conductive nine-layer bases and metal lids

C$199.99 C$159.99

Set of 2 Bentgo All-in-One Stackable Lunchboxes

Colorful, reusable containers with companion lids and utensils hold meals securely and stack well, letting users take their food on the go

C$59.98 C$22.99

All-Weather Grill Cover

Keep grills safe and protected in all kinds of weather with this durable polyester cover, which features a mesh vent and closure strips

C$37.99 C$22.99

Caniam Camera Lens Mug

Unique mug is designed to look like a camera lens and keep beverages warm with its stainless steel lining

C$28 C$18.99

Cheese Board and Tool Set

Cheese knife, cheese fork, and small spade stowaway inside of a handsome rubberwood cheese board; great for picnics and dinner parties

C$40 C$22.99

Set of 2 Deep Tea Diver Infusers

Fill this mini deep sea diver with your favorite loose-leaf tea, then submerge him to any depth thanks to a stainless steel “air tank”

C$45.90 C$27.99

Top Chef 5-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

Rust-resistant tools feature hollow aluminum handles that help them maintain safe working temperatures as you flip burgers or grill veggies

C$46.99 C$36.99

54-Piece Microwavable Food Container Set

27 clear plastic food containers with matching lids are microwave safe and come in a range of sizes for storing whole meals or snacks

C$29.99 C$21.99

9-Piece 100% Cotton Apron Set

Colorful patterns cover a ruffly apron and matching tea towels, pot holders, and oven mitts, all made of 100% cotton with satin accents

C$49.95 C$27.99

Set of 3 Mini-Camera-Lens Shot Glasses

Shot glasses carefully modeled after a camera lens can hold hot and cold liquids thanks to quality PVC bodies and stainless steel liners

C$20 C$12.99

Automatic Wine Preserver

Automatic wine preserver removes air from wine bottles and helps maintain the proper temperature for preserving wine’s flavor and aroma

C$29.99 C$27.99

Set of 2 Bobble Filtered-Water Bottles

Recyclable, BPA-free water bottles remove contaminants and chlorine flavor from tap water with carbon filters that last up to two months


Kalorik Variable Speed Immersion Blenders

Immersion blender pureés sauces and soups or mixes batters directly in the bowl or pot, then goes in the dishwasher for easy cleanup

C$29.99 C$24.99

Carteret Wine Essentials Accessory Kits

Open, serve, and preserve bottles of wine with a professional flourish using this handsome kit of essentials, packaged in a leatherette case

C$49.99 C$29.99

12-Speed Blender with 1.5-Liter Jar

These countertop blenders’ 12 speeds make quick work of smoothies, purées, soups, and other liquids; optional ice-crushing feature

C$52.95 C$39.99

Fred and Friends Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

Novelty molds for baking cupcakes and muffins resemble a pair of too-tight blue jeans

C$39.77 C$26.99

Set of Nine Multicolor Whiskey Stones

Cubes of soft stone can be chilled in the freezer to keep beverages cold without diluting them or adding any odor or flavor

C$25.99 C$14.99

Cuisinart Countertop Appliances

Cuisinart’s Red Collection features appliances you’ll use from morning—12-cup coffeemaker—to night—sandwich grill and popcorn maker

C$50 C$36.99

Jokari Trunk-Organizer Cargo Tote 2-Pack

This expandable tote keeps groceries, sports gear, recycling, and other necessities neat and organized and folds flat when not in use

C$45 C$39.99

Modern Living Wine Aerator

Kitchen tool mixes air in with wine to enhance the flavor and finish; no-drip stand keeps counters clean

C$50 C$19.99

The Icicle Wine Chiller

Easily enjoy chilled wine in just 10 minutes by sticking this long, freezing cold icicle with an attached pourer into any bottle of vino

C$19.99 C$14.99

White Ice Cubes Whiskey Stones

A non-melting, non-diluting alternative to ice cubes, whiskey stones help cool down drinks and preserve their flavors without adding water

C$49.99 C$15.99

Set of Four Ice Rounds Ice Molds

These ice spheres chill drinks quickly but melt slower than cubes, keeping your drink un-diluted for longer

C$29.98 C$19.99

Car Tire-Inspired Thermos

Car enthusiasts keep their morning brew hot inside of a double-walled, stainless steel thermos that has a PVC, tired-shaped exterior

C$36.99 C$19.99

Set of 4 Mason-Jar Shot Glasses

These miniature glass mason jars provide a fun and rustic way to serve spirits

C$27.95 C$12.99

Adrien Lewis 24-Piece Cutlery Sets

Ornate or minimal tableware set includes 6 matching knives, spoons, forks, and teaspoons that are forged from stainless steel

C$34.99 C$19.99

Star Wars Jell-O, Ice, Baking, Chocolate, and Creative Mold Trays

Durable silicone molds lend iconic Star Wars shapes to cakes, ice, chocolate, and other culinary creations or Play-Doh

C$24 C$15.99

Star Wars Silicon Ice Tray

Create ice, candies, and cakes into Star Wars characters using these freezer- and oven-proof silicone molds

C$20.39 C$13.99