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    Up to 87% Off B12 Injections

    Beautiful You Medical Spa


    Vitamin B12 boosts the healthy functioning of the metabolism and encourages a healthy nervous system

    $375 $49

    Up to 76% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

    Vitalis Rejuvenation Centers


    Tattoos gradually fade under the light of a laser

    $250 $59

    Up to 81% Off Laser Spider-Vein Treatments

    Cosmetic and Obesity Solutions


    Trained techs target spider veins with Nd:YAG laser beams, which cause veins to fade and eventually disappear

    $499 $119

    Up to 65% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

    Center for Anti-Aging


    Technicians use Nd:YAG lasers to dispel the nail fungus that causes discoloration and breakage

    $287 $119

    80% Off at Neurofeedback Affiliates of Lexington

    Neurofeedback Affiliates of Lexington


    Sessions may help clients to improve their mental function or enhance their concentration, memory, or mood with prompts and exercises

    $100 $19.99

    Half Off DNA Ancestry Test 


    Online Deal

    Cheek swabs collect a DNA sample from the mouth; the lab sends back an ancestry breakdown by percentage, based on four population groups

    $195 $97

    Up to 51% Off Counseling from Tonya Jones, PhD

    Tonya Jones, PH.D.


    Dr. Tonya Jones provides consultation to those in need of guidance; she specializes in substance abuse and academic and career struggles

    $180 $90

    Half Off Parenting Classes at Lexington Therapy

    Lexington Therapy


    Parents meet with a trained therapist to help overcome issues from lack of communication to understanding effective disciplinary techniques

    $100 $50

    80% Off an Annual Physical Exam

    Bluegrass Extended Care Services


    A doctor, nurse practitioner, or pediatric nurse practiitoner helms each full physical evaluation for an adult or child

    $150 $30