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      Up to 87% Off Lipo-Reduction Treatments

      Balanced Life Institute

      Broadway & 19th(13.7 miles)

      Noninvasive UltraFit technology shrinks fat cells and tightens skin on areas such as the abs, hips, and thighs

      $750 $135

      Up to 89% Off i-Lipo Laser Sessions

      Laser Sculpture

      Multiple Locations(3.7 miles)

      i-Lipo lasers shrink fat cells in problem areas such as the love handles and thighs

      $400 $43 Sale Ends 12/18

      Up to 76% Off Ultrasonic-Cavitation

      Beverly Hills Cosmetic Centers

      Beverly Hills(7.7 miles)

      Ultrasonic-cavitation targets fat cells in problem areas and causes them to release their contents so they may be metabolized naturally

      $250 $59

      Up to 81% Off Ultrasonic Lipo

      Pacific Rejuvenation Medical

      Multiple Locations(7.2 miles)

      Ultrasound waves destroy fat cells with microscopic bubbles during non-surgical treatment that lasts 30-40 minutes

      $400 $79

      Up to 74% Off Microcurrent Facelifts

      Beautiful Image South Bay

      South Bay(16.7 miles)

      Microcurrent facelifts work to reduce signs of aging and acne while firming and lifting skin around the face

      $150 $39

      Up to 75% Off I-Lipo Treatments

      Anphon Medical Center

      Inglewood(8.8 miles)

      Noninvasive laser light targets localized fat deposits

      $600 $189

      Up to 70% Off Ultrasonic-Lipo Treatments

      Dr. Jan Yuo, MD, INC.

      Montrose(10.7 miles)

      Noninvasive ultrasonic and radio-frequency energies target, drain, and shrink fat cells

      $150 $69

      Up to 77% Off Lipo-Light Body Contouring

      Lipo Light South Bay

      Lipo Light South Bay(18.1 miles)

      Lipo-Light LED pads shrink fat cells on areas such as the waist, hips, and arms during this noninvasive treatment

      $175 $40

      Up to 63% Off Weight-Loss Program

      Be Thin Medical Weight Control

      Pico Rivera(10.1 miles)

      Lipo Den-Max shots can help to boost the metabolism, shrink the contents of fat cells, and create slimmer silhouettes

      $110 $45 Sale Ends 12/18

      80% Off Ultrasonic-Cavitation Lipo Treatments

      Tri Health Medical Institute

      Encino(17.6 miles)

      Noninvasive ultrasonic-cavitation lipo treatments use ultrasonic waves to drain fat from the body naturally without any downtime

      $600 $120

      Up to 64% Off LipoLean Injections

      Diamond Surgery Center

      Encino(15.7 miles)

      Weight-loss injections help fight fat around the body

      $120 $45

      Up to 67% Off Body-Slimming Sessions

      Slim Beauty Center

      Multiple Locations(8.9 miles)

      Each session includes the client’s choice of three body-shaping treatments including ultrasonic liposuction and infrared-sauna sessions

      $99 $39

      Up to 83% Off i-Lipo Treatments at South Bay Med Spa

      South Bay Med Spa

      Southeast Torrance(17.0 miles)

      Trained staff use targeted lasers to shrink fat cells to sculpt leaner physiques

      $562.50 $99

      78% Off Body-Contouring and Cellulite Treatments

      Athenix Body Sculpting Institute

      Multiple Locations(8.5 miles)

      Technicians help vanquish flab and cellulite with VelaShape’s noninvasive combo of radio frequencies, light energy, and mechanical massage

      $750 $163

      59% Off Weight-Loss Package

      Pasadena Weight Loss MD

      Montebello(6.8 miles)

      Lipotropic injections, Lipo BC pills, and a consultation with a physician all work to aid clients' weight-loss efforts

      $120 $49

      Up to 73% Off Anti-Aging and Weight-Loss Srevices

      Anti-Aging Mini Spa & Clinic

      Beverly Hills(8.1 miles)

      Hyperbaric chambers employ oxygen to speed up cellular renewal and regenerate damaged tissue

      $125 $45 Sale Ends 12/18

      Up to 86% Off Ultrasonic Liposuction

      Dr. Gold's Anti-Aging Clinic

      Multiple Locations(6.3 miles)

      20-minute ultrasound massages and 10-minute body wraps target unwanted fat in one problem area

      $458 $69 Sale Ends 12/18

      Up to 73% Off Liposuction

      Celebrating Women Center


      HD liposuction removes fat from troublesome areas including arms, back, and thighs

      $2,250 $750

      Up to 94% Off Laser Body Slimming

      Spade Skin Care & More (Redondo Beach)

      Redondo Beach(18.1 miles)

      Each slimming treatment includes fat-emulsifying cold lasers, and muscle-toning whole-body vibration

      $550 $49

      Up to 71% Off i-Lipo at La Bella Laser & Slimming

      La Bella Laser & Slimming

      Arcadia(13.9 miles)

      Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

      $600 $199

      83% Off Ultrasonic Liposuction with Body Sculpt Wrap

      Body Sculpt Wraps

      Multiple Locations(7.7 miles)

      Ultrasonic energies help deflate fat cells without surgery; herbal body wraps evict toxins and encourage slimming

      $500 $85

      67% for Liposuction at LABodySculpture


      Encino(15.8 miles)

      Liposuction for the upper or lower abdomen, waist or flank, or upper or lower back

      $1,500 $499

      Up to 79% Off Zerona Laser Cellulite Reduction

      Cosmetic Laser MedSpa

      Los Angeles(11.2 miles)

      LED panels and lymphatic-drainage massage help release fatty compounds and boost metabolism

      $850 $180 Sale Ends 12/18

      Up to 72% Off Lipo Light Treatments

      Lipo Light LAX

      Westchester(10.9 miles)

      Facility offers only advanced Lipo Light laser treatments that painlessly contour bodies by shrinking cells with LED light paddles

      $450 $125

      Up to 57% Off Noninvasive Facial Treatments

      Lipo Light South Bay

      Lipo Light South Bay(18.1 miles)

      Hydrolifting treatment cleanses and hydrates; microcurrent energy tones face

      $150 $65 Sale Ends 12/18

      Up to 85% Off Laser Lipo Sessions

      Eternal Athena Laser Like Lipo

      Eagle Rock(5.0 miles)

      A Slim Light laser system is used to reduce cellulite and contour the body during painless 30–40-minute sessions

      $339 $69

      Up to 81% Off Lipo-Light with Training

      Triniti Health

      West Hollywood(7.9 miles)

      Private one-on-one training session accompanies two or four Lipo-Light body-contouring treatments

      $450 $99

      Up to 75% Off Ultrasonic Lipolysis

      Vida Emanuel European Day Spa

      Beverly Hills(9.1 miles)

      Noninvasive lipolysis uses microvibrations and heat to emulsify fat deposits, leading to up to 2 inches of fat loss after the first session

      $500 $125

      Up to 79% Off Laser Cellulite Reduction at MS Slim

      MS Slim

      Hacienda Heights(18.7 miles)

      In 20 minutes, low-level lasers break down adipose cells, the remnants of which exit through natural detoxification processes

      $1,000 $219

      Up to 67% Off Laser Body Contouring

      Beautiful Image South Bay

      Torrance(16.7 miles)

      Laser light helps clients lose inches from stubborn areas and tone targeted problem areas

      $150 $69

      79% Off i-Lipo Body Slimming

      Sacred Soul Spa

      Thousand Oaks(34.9 miles)

      Those who made a New Year's resolution to lose weight can try i-Lipo treatments which uses a low-level laser to reduce waistlines

      $480 $99

      Up to 79% Off i-lipo Weight-Loss Treatments

      MS Slim

      Multiple Locations(18.7 miles)

      Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

      $1,000 $219

      50% Off 5 step i-Lift Facial or iLipo (1 area)

      Joie De Vivre Anti Aging

      Malibu(22.6 miles)

      Receive a lunchtime lift with an anti-aging facial, or opt for either a lipo-laser or ultrasonic cellulite treatment

      $350 $175

      Up to 80% Off Lipo-Light Slimming Treatments

      Morovati Wellness and Sports Injury Center

      Verdugo Viejo(7.6 miles)

      Pads placed against the skin radiate heat and light, noninvasively helping to dissolve fat and slim areas such as the thighs and abs

      $650 $129

      Lipo-Light Body Contouring

      Bellies Gone

      Van Nuys(16.0 miles)

      Lipo-Light pads emit LED and heat energy to noninvasively flush fat cells released through the body’s lymphatic system

      $280 $65

      60% Off a SmartLipo Treatment

      SmartLipo at Vermont Healthcare Center

      Mid-Wilshire(4.0 miles)

      During non-invasive sessions, board-certified physician Dr. Imad El Asmar, uses lasers to contour and tone cellulite-affected areas

      $1,500 $599

      Up to 60% Off Lipotropic Injections

      South Coast Medical Weight Control

      Floral Park(28.2 miles)

      Lipotropic injections featuring B-complex vitamins help accelerate metabolism

      $200 $89

      Up to 67% Off at American Weight Loss Centers

      American Weight Loss Centers

      Multiple Locations(21.5 miles)

      Supportive counselors and an experienced physician lead clients through a program that includes nutritional supplements and goal setting

      $254 $85

      Up to 74% Off Awake Liposuction

      Bellavita Center

      Beverly Hills(9.4 miles)

      Surgical procedure performed with local anesthetic removes fat

      $3,500 $899

      Up to $ Off Endermologie Cellulite Reduction

      Sacred Soul Spa

      Thousand Oaks(34.9 miles)

      Noninvasive Endermologie sessions use rollers to massage away cellulite by breaking down dimpled structures

      $640 $244 Sale Ends 12/18

      62% Off Liposuction


      Sunset Medical Tower(8.3 miles)

      Liposuction whisks away fat deposits as the patient remains aware but comfortable listening to a favorite Pandora station

      $1,995 $750

      50% Off Smoothlipo Treatments

      Smooth Medical Aesthetics & Wellness Spa

      Burbank(9.2 miles)

      Liposuction-alternative helps slim and contour bodies using a low-level laser technology that shrinks fat cells

      $300 $150

      64% Off Liposuction at Dr. K Plastic Surgery

      Dr. K Plastic Surgery

      Beverly Hills(7.7 miles)

      After a consultation, the doctor administers a local anesthetic and performs liposuction on such areas as the flanks or upper or lower back

      $2,800 $999

      60% Off Liposuction

      Beverly Hills Institute of Plastic Surgery

      Multiple Locations(9.7 miles)

      Medical professionals remove unwanted fat from upper back, lower back, upper abdomen, and lower abdomen

      $2,500 $999