Korean Restaurants in Alliance

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In addition to a sensory-stimulating spread of Asian and American buffet fare, Royal Buffet & Grill offers a full menu of Chinese classics. At the hibachi grill, an accommodating chef slices and dices dishes to your liking, whether square, saucer, or obtuse-isosceles shaped. Adults pay $6.95 for the lunch buffet, $10.95 for dinner, and $5.50 to $7.99 for standalone entrees. Children under 3 eat for free and wicked witches trapped under houses can eat leftovers if they behave.

1930 Buchholzer Blvd

Concocted by a professional chef with 20 years of experience, Dasonii Korean Bistro's menu combines authentic and innovative Korean cuisine. Mandu dumplings ($6), declared "perhaps the best in Pittsburgh" by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, tumble down tongues in steamed and fried forms, and handmade wheat noodles ($12) simmer alongside vegetables in beef broth. Shunned maple syrup leers from afar at the kimchi pancake ($14), a savory disc filled with marinated, thinly sliced rib eye that luxuriates in a clay pot. Sushi-bar selections include two decadent pieces of yellowtail belly nigiri ($6) and crispy morsels of vegetable tempura roll ($4.25). Patrons traverse the wooden floors of Dasonii Korean Bistro's modern interior before nestling into high-backed booths or close-knit tables to feast on fare from the kitchen, which just removed the word “no” from its vocabulary.

6520 Steubenville Pike