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At CrossFit Sanction, instructors break fitness success down into three distinct categories. The first is proper technique: the platform for any good fitness regimen. New CrossFitters learn the proper movements the first time they enter the gym, limiting the chance of injury. The second is the effective use of the body's muscle systems??specifically those that allow for fast bursts of speed, long tests of endurance, or powerful feats of strength. Finally, there's mobility: the stretching and calisthenics part of CrossFit that keeps athletes nimble, healthy, and limboing under barbells.

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If dead lifts, back squats, and pushups don't seem like a fun way to start the day, the 5:30 a.m. class at CrossFit Malleus probably isn't for you. But that's not a problem—the schedule includes various times throughout the week. So no matter the hour, CrossFit classes take attendees through high-intensity rounds of functional movements, specifically designed to strengthen the core and radically change the body.

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At CrossFit Shift, the mission is simple: promote CrossFit methods while helping others reach their goals, no matter their age, ability, or physical needs. Throughout the year, the facility maintains a full schedule of workouts, including Foundations classes for beginners. In line with CrossFit's philosophies, CrossFit Shift challenges members and visitors alike with compound movements and short, high-intensity cardiovascular sessions.

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CrossFit's workout-of-the-day is known for its intense functional exercises. Fortunately, students at Friction Crossfit have Jeff Burlingame and Bobby Armock to motivate them through the challenging workouts. Both are CrossFit Level 1-certified trainers who have years of athletic experience, including stints as personal trainers. Those one-on-one training skills come in handy during introductory Foundations classes, where students ramp up to the daily workout routine by learning the basics. Before or after class, students can take advantage of Friction CrossFit's perks, which include access to locker rooms, on-site childcare, and an 18,000-square-foot gym.

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Atop a black padded floor, men and women heave barbells aloft, leap atop plyometric boxes, and toss medicine balls to one another. Over on a green strip of turf, they push weighted sleds and scale ropes, while against the wall others lift themselves into handstands. This might seem like chaos, but all these separate operations are actually a carefully orchestrated class that is closely monitored by CrossFit Flight?s coaches. They create one-hour daily workouts chock-full of a variety of strongman-style functional-movement exercises that are designed to deliver striking, natural muscle tone all over the body and boost fitness including speed, agility, and power.

CrossFit Flight?s coaches change up the workout routine during each session. This strategy keeps the hour feeling fresh and interesting so participants stay engaged and muscles don?t become too used to any one exercise, which can cause fitness gains to plateau. To help rookies ease into the intense workout regimen, the coaches lead free 60-minute workout to introduce students to CrossFit principles and evaluate current fitness levels during a baseline workout. Additionally, new participants can enroll in the On Ramp program, which familiarizes attendees with the terminology, motions, and concepts of the CrossFit system.

Once they?ve settled in, CrossFitters will find that these challenging workout routines can prep them for all kinds of physical activities, from strenuous athletic pursuits to rapidly unloading groceries into a trebuchet to ambush the neighbors with a food fight.

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Led by a co-ed team of experienced coaches, Crossfit South Bend cultivates a supportive community of fitness seekers. Designed by exercise expert Greg Glassman, Crossfit aims to get bodies into shape with a system of constantly changing functional movements, such as pushing, pulling, running, or levitating, all executed at a high intensity.

After meeting with a trainer to discuss goals and physical condition, students ease into the program through the on-ramp course, laboring through increasingly difficult exercises while paving the way for chiseled physiques. Once initiated, clients leap headlong into a packed schedule of group sessions, heaving kettlebells and flipping tires, or even representing Crossfit South Bend in sports and strength contests.

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