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Taking a holistic approach to therapy, Victory Healing Arts performs a variety of treatments aimed at healing the body from within while educating patients to improve their overall quality of life. Wellness massages employ a gentle touch and manipulation of the muscle's upper layers to trump tension and melt away stress from lengthy office hours and high-stakes karaoke competitions ($40). Like a disquieting sand sculpture of a spine, actual spines may morph and change with time, creating pain, stiffness, and homes for hermit crabs. A chiropractic evaluation takes a look at individual variations with the aim of improving posture and mobility ($75). Alternately, via needle stimulation of meridian zones delineated by ancient Eastern medical practices, acupuncture can ease pain and tension, and restore the body's essential balance ($60).

2460 Victory Blvd
Staten Island,

Board-certified Dr. Hawawini heads up this foot-focused clinic, where he works to address individual problems. Dr. Hawawini believes that feet are the foundation of the body, and aims to support the well-being of that base to ensure toes don't begin kicking cinderblocks to get attention. He responds to any questions and concerns as he corrects lower-extremity diseases and issues, helping to ensure his patients are as pain-free as possible.

115 Brunswick St
Jersey City,