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Reber River Trips offer the best of what's old and what's new?via raft, kayak, or tube. Though their boat launch on the Delaware River is one of Barryville's newest, the Reber family has been helping guests who are exploring leisurely wilderness adventures in the region since 1947. For a trip through history, the Rebers can direct boaters and floaters to especially well-preserved portions of the waterway, where adventurers can keep their eyes peeled for eagles and deer. Rod-brandishers reel in the river's plentiful assortment of fish, and party rafts host up to 20 revelers and up to three pi?atas filled with trout.
3351 Route 97
At Shine Auto Spa, the auto technicians' single goal is to make cars look clean and new. They achieve this with basic, but thorough car washes and packages that target dirt, grease, road grime, and other?blemishes that can occur as a result of leaving the car outside or letting it eat lobster without a bib.
727 Belleville Avenue

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