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The California School of Professional Fabric Design has woven a diverse curriculum to educate textile trainees on the ins and outs of the fabric industry in a vocational training program that prepares them for freelance and full-time work. Artistic passion is the only requirement for enrollees in the school's three two-hour sessions, where budding textile designers will take in an overview of the mass-produced textile industry, craft their own preliminary designs, teach proper hygiene to cashmere goats, and explore career possibilities. In the first session, a skilled instructor will dish on the introductory basics of global textile production before the second course opens up the workshop floor for apprentices to create their own textile designs and gives homework to students after the class to bring to the final class. The third session then sets the stage for a show and tell, where cloth canoodlers will present their preliminary designs and the exuberant crossing guards that inspired their creation. In addition, students can drum up inspiration for textile designing with a tour of a professional textile-design gallery.

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