Hair Removal in Coral Gables

Up to 86% Off Laser Hair Removal

Coral Gables

$590 $99

Long-term hair reduction performed with low-pain laser systems that are safe for all skin types

Up to 94% Off Laser Hair Removal


$1,650 $99

Experienced staff members employ lasers to oust hair from a wide selection of treatment areas on male or female clients

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair Removal


$480 $99

A Candela laser gently glides over the skin, removing unwanted hair from areas such as the underarms, abdomen, or entire back

Up to 67% Off at Family Medical Clinic

Southern Estates

$360 $149

Licensed professionals permanently remove hair with electrolysis, small electrical currents that do not damage the surrounding tissue

Up to 54% Off Brazilian Waxes


$40 $19

Waxing tech with five years of experience uses high-quality wax to remove unwanted hair from clients' intimate areas

Up to 53% Off Brazilian or Bikini Waxes


$75 $35

Skilled aesthetician lifts unwanted hair from the bikini line or intimate areas during private waxing sessions

Up to 58% Off Body and Facial Waxing


$40 $18

A skilled technician removes unwanted hair from upper lip, eyebrows, arms, underarms, and intimate areas during swift waxing sessions

Up to 59% Off Laser Skin Rejuvenation


$200 $89

Noninvasive laser treatment helps spur collagen growth to reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne, and scarring

93% Off Laser Hair-Removal at Bonsai MedSpa


$3,000 $199

Technicians fully treat up to three body areas using a Soprano laser system that's designed for maximum comfort and works on all skin types

Up to 74% Off Lip, Brow, or Bikini Waxing

Beauty Mall Hair and Spa

$70 $17.99

Relieve fatigue at the rejuvenating spa

Up to 82% Off Laser Hair Removal

Multiple Locations

$479.94 $99

Techs use a GentleMax laser to banish hair from areas such as the upper lip, bikini, full legs, and more

Up to 83% Off Hair Removal at MDU Laser


$450 $99

Laser hair-removal sessions target areas such as belly buttons, neckline, shoulders, abdomen, and bikini area

Up to 79% Off Laser Hair Removal

University of Miami Hospital

$480 $99


Epidermal experts harness laser light to target follicles, preventing regrowth for up to two years with a relatively painless procedure

Up to 63% Off Brazilian Waxing at Body Minute

Northeast Coconut Grove

$50 $20

European-based clinic with a concept that caters to women with busy schedules

87% Off Laser Hair Removal for Chin and Mustache

East Little Havana

$900 $120

Licensed professionals use a laser to target follicles, thereby reducing the growth of hair

Up to 86% Off Laser Hair Removal


$640 $88

Lasers aim at follicles to shut down hair growth on areas such as the chin, arms, and bikini line

Up to 82% Off Laser Hair Removal

Coral Way

$560 $99

Licensed professionals use a laser to target follicles, thereby reducing the growth of hair

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair Removal


$450 $135

GentleYAG laser heats follicles to permanently reduce or disable growth in the hair root

Up to 62% Off Laser Hair Removal


$258 $99

Handheld lasers target follicles over the course of six treatments to prevent regrowth or cause strands to come in lighter and finer

Up to 53% Off Waxing at 770 Salon Miami


$40 $20


Thorough waxing sessions leave skin on legs or nether regions smooth for weeks

Up to 55% Off Men's & Women's Brazilian Waxex


$50 $25

Skilled aesthetician clears away unwanted hair from intimate area during swift waxing sessions

Up to 90% Off Laser Hair Removal


$600 $99

Laser light removes unwanted facial and body hair

Up to 55% Off Laser Hair Removal


$240 $119

Lasers destroy follicles, preventing further growth and promoting total smoothness over the course of six treatments

Up to 54% Off at Wax Lounge

North Miami Beach

$27 $13

Spa focuses only on waxing and emphasizes cleanliness; staff uses specific waxes for different body areas to maximize comfort

Up to 94% Off Laser Hair-Removal

South Miami

$1,200 $99

A Candela GentleYAG laser zaps pesky follicles with high-powered light, disabling hair growth over six sessions

Up to 71% Off at Divine Body Waxing

Fontainbleau East

$45 $15

Specialists use hard wax in a facility that forbids double-dipping and recycling

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal

Mercy Professional Building

$1,650 $149

Med spa within Mercy Hospital noninvasively removes unwanted hair using GentleMax Pro laser

95% Off 18 Laser Hair-Removal Treatments


$2,580 $139

Technicians use a Yag laser to remove unwanted hair from a choice of body areas across 18 treatments

Up to 90% Off Laser Hair Removal


$680 $96.75

FDA-approved laser system emits pulses of light energy that inhibit hair’s growth without damaging the surrounding tissues

Up to 97% Off Laser Hair Removal


$3,700 $199

Lasers zap follicles in two separate areas, ranging in size from upper lip to full back, to inhibit growth of unwanted hair

Up to 55% Off Brow and Lip Wax


$28 $14

Michelle Guevara shapes eyebrows into flattering arches and removes unwanted hair from upper lips

Up to 56% Off Brazilian Waxes


$42 $19

Beauty techs remove all unwanted hair from bikini-bottom regions with European waxing products

Up to 81% Off Laser Hair Removal


$240 $59.99

Licensed professionals target hair follicles, thereby reducing the growth of unwanted fuzz

Half Off Electrolysis at Holistic Derma Spa

Palm Springs North

$70 $35

Technician helps permanently remove unwanted facial hair with small electrical currents while keeping the surrounding skin intact

95% Off Laser Hair Removal at Solution Medical Spa


$2,580 $139

Laser beams zap fuzz patches on hands, bikini lines, and legs to help reduce future growth on skin of all shades

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal


$1,200 $149

Qualified estheticians remove unwanted follicles for the long haul with laser treatments

Up to 91% Off Laser Hair Removal

City Center

$2,000 $299

Expert techs carefully operates a YAG laser to permanently reduce hair growth

Up to 95% Off Laser Hair Removal

Palmetto I-75

$2,000 $129

Lasers stifle hair growth at the follicle, eventually reducing the need to shave, wax, or tweeze

Up to 97% Off Laser Hair Removal

Hialeah Gardens

$3,700 $199

Technicians target unwanted hair with laser light at the follicle, leaving skin smooth

Select Local Merchants

With average temperatures in the '70s and '80s, it makes sense that Miami is full of body-baring outfits. All that skin is why people like the owners of Velour Med Spa were able to open a successful laser hair-removal business in 2005. With the hope of further beautifying bodies, they established Velour—a full med spa—in 2010.

Its certified medical aestheticians, who are supervised by a medical director, still perform the popular laser hair-removal treatments, but they also fade unwanted spider veins, smooth cellulite, and rely on intense pulsed light to refresh faces. In addition to beautifying clients, they relax with massages and mani-pedis, which take place in a pristine all-white room.

136 Madeira Ave
Coral Gables,

Universal Laser Center has been beaming cosmetic laser rays for more than a decade, devoting itself to a philosophy that welds health to the shimmering luster of beauty. Whether technicians are dissolving cellulite, toning complexions, or sending acne back in time, they pride themselves on using diverse technology "that improves and transforms lives." Spare decor marks the crisp, airy reception area, where patients wait to meet with professionals who leave clear complexions and sleek silhouettes in their wake.

3737 SW 8th St
Coral Gables,

The Neat Waxing Co. uproots bodily briar patches using European herbal waxing and depilation techniques. A gentle skin-spackling of talcum powder commences each treatment, readying clients for resident wax wizards’ deft wooden spatulas that gently displace excess fuzz without incurring irritation, root damage, or curses cast by vengeful members of extended follicular families. A Brazilian or bikini wax ably equips beachcombers with carefree summertime savvy ($22–$27), and a thorough leg waxing glams up gams from thigh to toe ($25–$43). Men looking to don backless business suits can pluck the shock from their shoulders ($10–$27), or exploit open collars more modishly when free of follicular frontispieces ($7–$17). The resulting smoothness may last up to four weeks, and ensuing waxes can eventually abate unwanted body hair to result in long-lasting softer surfaces.

2344 Salzedo St
Coral Gables,

Dasol takes the “med” part of med-spa seriously: it’s staffed by a team of board-certified cosmetic surgeons, registered nurses, and aestheticians. Inside a building that resembles a stately Southern villa, they turn to the latest aesthetic treatments to ward off wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, and other signs of aging or extended vacations to the sun. Time-tested spa treatments are coupled with products from SkinCeuticals and Obagi and advanced technology including the skin-firming eMatrix system, wrinkle-plumping dermal fillers, and the highly publicized HydraFacial.

1501 Sunset Dr
Coral Gables,

Though the Vellisimo Center is an international organization based primarily in Spain, the staffers at its three locations in Florida beautify men's and women's bodies with same technology-driven treatments. Technicians utilize the intense pulsed light of the On Flash system to combat acne, diminish spider veins, and remove hair of almost any color, including blonde, red, and argyle strands. Noninvasive Depura Spa treatments help enhance and stimulate the body's natural detoxification process.

349 Miracle Mile

The technicians at Personal Touch Body Waxing & Tanning get their clients' skin summer ready with gentle mineral waxes and spray tans. With each waxing treatment, the aestheticians use new spatulas and fresh mineral wax to insure cleanliness and safety. During spray tans, the technicians custom airbrush bodies for a natural, even look, using an FDA-approved formula.

5851 Sunset Dr
South Miami,