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With two-year-old children, unsupervised painting projects end with a mess. With the two-year-old Bart Moylan Painting, projects end with a pristine room transformed by a team of experienced professionals. In addition to their bread-and-butter gig of sprucing up interiors, the team also takes jobs power-washing and painting exterior siding. They also texture ceilings to give clients something to look at while falling asleep or thinking about how to start their short story.

South Hadley,

Drawing from more than 40 years of combined experience, Affordable Home Solutions’ team of insured and licensed servicemen rejuvenates homesteads with sundry repair and maintenance services. Technicians punctually arrive at abodes, where they can apply their carpentry and craftsmanship skills in constructing decks, closets, and roofs. The home-improvement gurus can banish gutters of debris and buildup, replace tile and grout, or repair doors that creak or whistle chewing-gum jingles as they shut.

1257 Southford Rd

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the home-remodeling industry, Brendan Leahy knows how to streamline a project. Alongside a team of plumbers, electricians, tile and hardwood specialists, and general construction specialists, Leahy manages any manner of home-remodeling projects, helping to alleviate the stress frequently associated with the process. Experienced staff can help homeowners hone in on styles they hope to emulate, be it a quick bathroom update, the upheaval of an outdated kitchen, or an additional coat of paint to a drab evil laboratory.

Founded in 2004, Leahy Home Improvement is a member of the Home Remodeling Association of Connecticut.

2490 Black Rock Tpke

Passonno Paints has equipped brush wielders with high-quality paint for more than 80 years. A friendly, knowledgeable staff helps patrons navigate thousands of hues from series such as Rustic Colors and The Historic Colour Collection, which includes all 149 colors of President Lincoln’s pet rainbow. In addition to transforming dwellings with vivid colors and equipping windows with blinds, Passonno Paints has also created an award-winning latex-paint-recycling program.

1430 East St