Coffee Shops in El Cerrito

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  • Encorecake
    Encorecake's bakers turn dessert into an art form. In a kitchen filled with the smells of fresh baked treats, they craft colorful cakes and cupcakes covered in fluffy frosting, in unusual flavors ranging from green tea and s'mores to jellybean and German chocolate. Ovens churn out French macaroons and warm cookies each morning, perfect for pairing with their freshly grounded coffee or Thai tea with boba. Customers can also request made-to-order 8-inch cakes layered with buttercream or chocolate, commission a customized multi-tier cake for a wedding, or project a hologram request for a 3D cake for a birthday celebration.
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    10178 San Pablo Ave.
    El Cerrito, CA US
  • Honeyberry
    The owners of Honeyberry derive a sense of pride from their local-mindedness; it's why they plaster their café's walls with illustrations of Berkeley life, and infuse each of their creations with locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. They also supply the community with tried-and-true local favorites, from frozen yogurt topped with chopped fruits and candies to crispy golden waffles. Despite all of the boosterism, the café's menu also has its international corners; gelato, bubble tea, and freshly baked roti buns all draw upon culinary traditions from far-flung cultures. These elements combine to create an experience that's both familiar and novel, like returning to your childhood home to find that it's been converted into a paintball arena.
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    2380 Telegraph Avenue
    Berkeley, CA US
  • Sushi Secrets
    The biggest secret at Sushi Secrets is no secret at all: The chefs have transformed all of the sushi rolls into sushi burritos?called sushirittos. Oversized rice-lined seaweed sheets serve as the wrap, and ingredients range from typical tuna, salmon, and cream cheese combinations to more diverse choices such as house-marinated purple Peruvian potatoes, sweetcorn, lotus chips, and shaved cabbage. Guests can order a preselected ingredient combination from the chefs, or walk along the buffet area and build their own sushiritto. A corner of the eatery provides patrons with comfy couches and a table to play such games as Jenga and touch football.
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    2110 Shattuck Avenue
    Berkeley, CA US