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Isaiah Stanback helped take his pro football team to national victory after the 2011 season, the culmination of a lifetime of athletic training. Jared Harrison played as University of North Texas's wide receiver, keeping up his intense life of athleticism to help manage diabetes. At Steadfast Fitness & Performance, the two combine their knowledge to teach a new generation of athletes, whether they aspire to a career in sports or simply a healthier life. The duo and their staff of expert trainers employ an intense regimen of interval training designed to create muscle confusion, preventing the body from adapting and forcing it work its hardest all the time.

The staff possesses a range of competitive expertise in sports including football, track and field, baseball, and basketball. They use their athletic backgrounds to tailor training to the specific goals of each of client. They particularly focus on helping young athletes develop the mental focus that leads to success in sports.

2221 Cross Timbers Road
Flower Mound,