Restaurants in Fridley

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  • Dunn Bros Coffee
    It's been more than a quarter century since founders Ed and Dan Dunn started Dunn Brothers Coffee with a singular goal: to roast coffee beans with the utmost craftsmanship. This goal continues to guide the business as it expands to over 80 locations in 9 states. At each unique, locally-owned outpost, visitors find sustainably-grown coffee beans sourced from farmers around the world, many of whom are personally vetted by the coffee company to ensure ethical sourcing practices. In addition to the small-batch, craft-roasted beans, Dunn Brothers also offers made-to-order beverages and handcrafted food and pastries.
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    7610 University Avenue Northeast
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • Himalayan Restaurant
    Authentic aromas of Nepal, Tibet, and India waft up winsomely from the kitchen of Himalayan Restaurant. Chamena (appetizers) such as pyaazi (deep-fried onions and jalapeños, $4.50) and wo (black-lentil pancakes fried up with ginger and cilantro, $4.50) tease taste buds and unleash appetite avalanches. Himalayan’s machaa-masu tarkari mixes fish or meat into saucy and curried dishes—try the lamb-saag (boneless lamb with spinach, $13.95) or the machaa ko masu (fish-fillet curry, $13.95). Vegetarian and vegan entrees abound, including aaloo cauli (stir-fried potatoes, cauliflower, and peas, $9.95) and ram-toria-aaloo (fried okra with potatoes and Nepalese spices, $9.95). Potable chow-chasers such as Himalayan coffee, served with milk and spices, and the mango lassi ($2.50 each) sate liquid hunger and awaken hibernating yetis.
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    765 53rd Ave NE
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • Chris and Rob's Chicago's Taste Authority Fridley
    "Your food should be something you get your hands on and become a part of," Rob Dubnecay told a reporter from CBS Minnesota. "Sitting back with a fork and knife is kind of boring." Rob developed his philosophy?and his palate?while growing up in Chicago, where he honed his motor skills by wrapping his hands around Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches. Hoping to introduce his childhood cuisine to Minnesota, he founded Chris and Rob's Chicago's Taste Authority, where each week trucks haul in ingredients straight from the Windy City, such as fresh poppy-seed buns and sausages wrapped in old mobsters' hit lists. True to the authentic big-shoulders style, cooks top Vienna all-beef hot dogs with everything but ketchup: mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles, sport peppers, and a sprinkle of celery salt. For 17 years, the family-friendly restaurant has continued to adapt their roots to other Chicago favorites including Kronos Gyro's, sliced Italian beef sandwiches served on Gonella bread, specialty pizzas, and Maxwell Street polish sausages.
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    7429 E River Rd.
    Fridley, MN US