Paintball in Fruit Cove

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  • GTF Paintball
    Wooded areas filled with abandoned automobiles, empty houses, and overturned barrels might evoke the set of a gritty war movie, except for one detail: they?re all covered in colorful splotches. These are some of the sights on the six unique fields at GTF Paintball, which host colorful mock battles on their expansive outdoor property. Whether participants stage urban combat on The Houses, or take to The Village to engage in fast-paced rounds, they can lose themselves in settings that simulate both real-life battle and pranks played by expressionist painters. No matter what the scenario, GTF places an emphasis on safety by chronographing markers and requiring goggles in all playing areas.
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    86588 Goodbread Rd.
    Yulee, FL US
  • Gorilla Paintball
    Paint-laden platoons roam Gorilla Paintball’s two competition fields, splattering their rivals’ backs with safe, multihued acrylic bullets. Strap into included equipment before dashing across the speedball field, ducking, diving, and stopping to read an inspirational excerpt from War and Peace behind the field’s 44 bunkers. Field designers reconfigure obstacles frequently, preventing a creeping sense of familiarity from settling in among veteran players. Each of Gorilla Paintball’s competition arenas fall under the watchful gaze of on-field referees who keep the peace and give postmatch piggyback rides to the winners.
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    Branan Field Rd.
    Middleburg, FL US
  • Paintball Promos
    When paintballers feel ready for action but aren't sure where they'd like to do battle, they point their browsers to There they'll find packages for nearby paintball fields, so they don't have to litter their own backyards with empty oil barrels and fill tiny water balloons with tempera paint. Packages usually include the rental of a marker and mask; paintballs and air fills are an extra charge at the field.
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    454 South Lowder St.
    Maccleny, FL US
  • Splatman Paintball Park
    Paintballers of all skill levels streak across Splatman Paintball Park’s battlefields, ducking behind barrel stacks, abandoned industrial piping, or large inflatable obstacles. Armed with air-powered markers, teams can take to the fields for strategic and fast-paced games during open play, or storm the grounds for birthday parties and special events. Paintball is played by millions worldwide and combines elements of tag, hide-and-seek, and capture the flag.
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    454 S Lowder St.
    Macclenny, FL US
  • Paintball International
    As a conglomerate of paintball facilities, Paintball International is a one-stop shop for weekend warriors seeking some chromatic outdoor combat. Partnering with fields across the country, the company helps players live out their battlefield fantasies, whether they're sneaking up on an enemy installation, executing tactic strategies, or painting Water Lilies on the chest of a charging opponent.
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    454 South Lowder St
    Macclenny, FL US
  • Paintball Adventures
    Paintball Adventures has been training Jacksonville residents in the fine art of dye dousing for more than 23 years. Recently relocated to densely wooded fields, the facility offers recreational play on weekends with professionally trained referees who guarantee fair and safe pigment-pumping play. A standard package rental ($22) includes a Tippmann 98C paint rifle, a hopper, safety goggles, and a CO2 tank, as well as a bag of 500 paintballs ($14); the $12 field fee is waived. Paintballs wash out of most clothing with soap and water, but can stain, so players should dress in old clothes, camouflage, or their finest neon-spattered formalwear.
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    844 Whitlock Ave
    Jacksonville, FL US