Classes in Grosse Pointe Park

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  • Mordent Music
    At Mordent Music, 10-year teaching veteran Stephanie Teller calls upon her experiences as a schoolteacher and professional concert pianist as she shares her passion for tickling keys with aspiring Chopins of all ages and skill levels. During half-hour or longer piano lessons, Teller beckons proteges over to a rich, resonant baby grand to learn how to play contemporary pop, country, or hip-hop songs as well as more traditional classical music. Teller instructs younger pupils through lively games and creative exercises, and challenge older, more serious students with the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum, which elevates piano proficiency through written study and a regimen of 100 finger pushups a day.
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    139 David Crescent
    Windsor, ON CA
  • Creativity!
    Under the passionate tutelage of Anne Hunt, students at Creativity! untangle artistic inhibition to craft textural masterpieces during fibre-rich workshops. Interested pupils can reserve a spot among five others in two weaving workshops ($75 each), wherein colourful fabrics and yarn entwine to create a woven piece that's suitable for gifts or hiding leftover pizza under. Popular classes include hand-woven bowls, hand-woven life purse, and hand-woven amulet. Pupils master the basics of pattern design while working with a supply kit included with the course. When the weather is nice, Anne likes to move the small assembly outdoors to the banks of the Belle River, where tranquility seeps into participants’ pores at a rate paralleled only by bathing in paraffin wax.
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    1333 Belle River Road
    Lakeshore, ON CA
  • Detroit Bikram Yoga
    For Mary Ella Jones, the yoga mat is a launching pad for self-transformation, where students from all walks of life can become stronger, more peaceful versions of themselves. At her studio, Bikram Yoga Grosse Pointe, students peer into their souls and sneak peaks at the souls of their neighbors as they hone 26 hatha poses that promote balance, patience, and focus. During each 90-minute class, heated air soothes and loosens tight muscles and evicts toxins. In addition to developing physical strength and flexibility, certified teachers help students cultivate patience as they discover their bodies’ limits and its propensity for telling severely boring stories.
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    15000 Kercheval Street
    Grosse Pointe Park, MI US
  • Yoga Shelter Michigan
    At Yoga Shelter, you won't hear esoteric chants echoing through the halls or meditation music reverberating from rock-shaped speakers. That's because founder Eric Paskel wants to make yoga accessible for all students, whether they're searching for inner peace or a more toned bod. Hip hop, dance, soul, chill, contemporary, and classic music accompanies all classes, ranging from Yoga Rocks, which focuses on sequenced postures, to Fusion, a blend of faster- and slower-moving classes. There is no hierarchy of classes; each 60- to 75-minute session is open to all skill levels. As Paskel himself puts it on his about page, ?What's different about us is that we admit we have issues, we know we have work to do?if you can relate to that, you'll love this place.?
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    17000 Kercheval Ave
    Grosse Pointe, MI US