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  • Spectrum Physical Therapy & Athletic Training
    Dr. Gregory R. Zaccone has seen?and treated?his share of injuries. He got his fair share of that practice as an intern athletic trainer for the New York Giants mini camp, and also worked as an athletic trainer for college basketball and lacrosse teams. But in 2004, the board-certified physical trainer gave up his spot on the sidelines to establish Spectrum Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, where he and his staff now help clients recover through personalized therapy treatments. Today athletes are just one kind of patients he treats. He also facilitates physical therapy sessions for people suffering from back pain, carpal tunnel, and arthritis. What's more, Dr. Zaccone devised the Zaccone Injury Prevention Program, a sport-specific treatment plan for athletes recovering from all manner of pain. The sport-specific treatments help athletes return to top form, whether their goal is to sprint down the field during a game again or fold themselves into their gym bags after the final whistle. And yet, you don't need to be hurt to get the doc's help: Spectrum's medical fitness regimens also pair clients with personal trainers who create fitness plans designed to improve endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility.
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    184 Central Ave.
    Old Tappan, NJ US
  • Team Bullshark
    When sensei Thomas Torpey threw his first kick 20 years ago, it was really the first step to becoming head instructor of Team Bullshark?s two martial arts schools. He began studying shotokan karate, but quickly expanded his repertoire into the realm of mixed martial arts, learning various other forms of striking and grappling. He found particular clarity in the psychological side of martial arts, and now teaches students not just exercise methods and self-defense, but also the ability to hone attitude, behavior, character, and x-ray vision. Professor Erick Tavares?a second-degree black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu?and his prot?g? Sensei Marcus also help students in Sensei Torpey?s classes. With all the classes that the schools offer, students can construct a comprehensive mixed martial arts curriculum that will prepare them to strike, grapple, and blend smoothies with a flurry of punches.
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    477 Old Hook Rd.
    Emerson, NJ US
  • Raffi Agopian MD
    Muscle Maker Grill grew out of a small smoothie shop, where owner Rod Silva prepared health-conscious alternatives to fast food. The restaurant has since expanded with a menu tailored to accommodate diners with vegetarian, carb-free, and gluten-free diets. The crew prides themselves in creating healthy versions of popular foods, and continues to serve the shop’s original protein shakes with favorites such as chocolate peanut butter and strawberry banana. Additionally, Muscle Maker Grill displays the calorie count for each dish on the menu.
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    140 Chestnut Street
    Ridgewood, NJ US
  • Elizabeth Roche Medspa
    Founded by a model-turned-doctor specializing in pain management, Elizabeth Roche M.D. MedSpa offers advanced aesthetic treatments for all skin types. Muscle-loosening Dysport injections soften forehead furrows and cheek crevasses with botulinum toxin, returning over-cultivated face-fields to a pristine natural state.
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    577 Chestnut Ridge Rd
    Woodcliff Lake, NJ US
  • Montvale Health Associates
    The SpineSix machine at Montvale Health Associates looks a bit like a roller coaster simulator. But in fact, this reclining chair is a physical therapy tool with parts that slowly and gently move the spine in a figure eight pattern to alleviate back pain. It also serves as a prime example of how high-tech and specialized the center's treatments can be. Their arsenal of wellness equipment, which ranges from chiropractic implements like this one to surgical lasers, is an impressive one. Of course, all that technology relies on human expertise. The staff here is a melting pot of specialists trained in a variety of disciplines including pain relief, spine care, physical therapy, and orthopedic and sports medicine. Their services branch into more and more specific subcategories under those headings. Regardless of their ailment, every patient sees Dr. Rick Lambert to start. Based on his consultations, new clients are directed to the appropriate doctor for their symptoms, instead of having to rely on a handshake test to pick their health-care provider. Each specialist's approach is always personalized, and integrative more often than not, combining therapies such as massage and acupuncture with medical treatments.
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    305 W Grand Ave.
    Montvale, NJ US
  • Doctors Express
    You don't need an appointment to see a licensed physician, nurse, or x-ray technician at one of Doctors Express' New Jersey locations. You just have to show up. Beyond urgent visits, each clinic offers everything from routine vaccinations and physicals to more sophisticated care such as lab work and drug screenings. To help keep wait times reasonable, some of their clinics offer online check-ins rather than spending years trying to invent a machine that stops time.
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    67 East Ridgewood Avenue
    Paramus, NJ US