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Hawaii Kai

$68 $29

Various forms of yoga taught inside a home-based studio with a strong sense of community

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Sun Yoga Hawaii

Kuliouou - Kalani Iki

$128 $29

Held in an infrared heated studio, hot-yoga classes blend poses with meditation and deep-relaxation techniques

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Loading Zone Art

Downtown Honolulu

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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National Fitness Solutions

Ala Mona Beach park

$85 $29

90-minute classes meet at Ala Moana Beach Park every Saturday at 8 a.m., and combine strength training, balance, and agility exercises

Up to 62% Off Zumba Classes

Hi Life Athletics

Multiple Locations

$100 $39

Instructors guide Zumba classes through high-energy, fat-torching exercise routines influenced by Latin and international dance

Up to 62% Off Classes at Yoga Theorie

Yoga Theorie

Downtown Honolulu

$70 $30

Beginner-level yoga classes include Vinyasa flow and The Basics

Up to 89% Off Personal Training at The Art of Fitness

The Art of Fitness

Ala Moana - Kakaako

$120 $15

Personal trainers help clients reach their fitness goals using TRX bands, rowing machines, spinning bikes, free weights, and ladders

Up to 86% Off Personal-Training Sessions

Mint Body Fitness


$270 $39

Certified personal trainers tailor an exercise program designed specifically to burn fat and tone muscle

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Japan Karate Association Hawaii

Multiple Locations

$80 $39

Instructors teach students the discipline of karate, a Japanese martial art focused on self-defense and fitness

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Sunlight and warm breezes drift through the open windows of Yogaloha Studio, where baby-blue walls and wood floors set the scene for inner peace. In this calming environment, certified instructors lead students through the poses, postures, and breathing patterns of various yoga styles. The meditative postures and concentration techniques of Kundalini yoga work to reset stale chakras and help the client reach a higher state of consciousness. Power yoga—also called fitness yoga or gym yoga—emphasizes strength and flexibility without the predictable rigor of a set routine. Soon the studio will also offer sunrise yoga in beach parks, as well as sunset meditation sessions to suss out the meaning of the color orange. Unlike chess tournaments starring a supercomputer, Yogaloha's classes allow students of all skill levels to join.

403 Kaiolu St.

Tony Rodriguez Larkin knows his clients are busy. He is also well aware of the country’s health and fitness issues. To do his part in counteracting both of these problems, Larkin has designed 45-minute group metabolic classes that torch calories and slip easily into schedules. He also provides participants with supplement guidance, at-home workout plans, monthly grocery store tours, and nutrition seminars on subjects such as How Twinkies Might React When You Tell Them Your Relationship Is Over. His work in health extends beyond Transformations Fitness, and he also presents to local high schools on health and fitness topics. Larkin is a contributing author to The Fit Formula, a book packed with nutrition information, advice on keeping healthy mind sets, and exercise tips penned by several industry pros.

250 Ward Ave, Ste 205

A career in the national coast guard not only inspired Noah Riopelle to move from the East Coast to Hawaii, it trained him to serve as both a rescue swimmer and a boot-camp instructor. He pulls from this experience when coaching clients one-on-one, leading outdoor boot-camp classes, or resuscitating buoys that forgot how to float. Noah can personalize training programs to chase a laundry list of fitness goals, including weight loss, all-over toning, or improved overall health. Alternatively, his one-hour boot-camp classes corral multiple exercises on Magic Island. Exercisers wield weighted balls, bands, and kettlebells for resistance, and breathing the lagoon’s tropical breeze refreshes lungs better than gnawing on a tropical-breeze-scented air freshener.

1201 Ala Moana Boulevard

MYOGASPACE owner Mitra Somerville has spent three decades teaching yoga and meditation, sharing his wisdom at universities, hospitals, and retreats, both in his homeland of Australia, and around the United States. MYOGASPACE represents a home base from which Somerville can teach authentic yoga.

The boutique studio is based in Somerville's home, a fact that he believes enables students to get more in touch with their inner selves and establish a strong sense of community. Inside, Mitra leads students through various levels of Hatha Yoga, including senior and gentle yoga. Often, they’ll branch off into other yoga-related disciplines, such as meditation, breathing practice, and chanting, important skills to master for situations in daily life.

7938 Hawaii Kai Drive

One With 8's experienced instructors strengthen the body and calm the mind through hot yoga and fitness classes. Room temperatures reach balmy tropical levels, helping muscles to relax, blood to circulate easily, and brains to imagine themselves in a beachfront paradise where all the coconuts are full of chocolate milk. During a Power 8 lesson, students explore Ashtanga and its emphasis on flexibility and self-discipline. The All In One class takes them into the realm of Hatha yoga, where the combination of static stretching and heat burns off fat, stress, and toxins. Pilates mat bodywork is the basis for the Infinite Core, a workout that runs through 34 poses. More introspective and meditative, Relax DEEP sessions offer slower movements with longer holds.

1151 B 12th Ave.

The sun beats down on the glistening muscles of CrossFit Waikiki’s trainers and students, who make use of the beautiful beachside campus of the Ilikai Hotel during high-intensity workouts. Trainers harness the natural resistance of the beach’s sand and water to tone bodies during routines that vary constantly and entail everything from Ivy League rowing drills to hurdles over the hotel’s sunbathing patrons. Workouts seldom repeat the same exercises—a reflection of a training philosophy best summed up in the phrase “specializing in not specializing.” This proclivity for all-around athleticism prevents minds from slipping into boredom and ensures that the sum of exercises, like wresting a paperclip from the grip of an electrical socket, engages every muscle.

1777 Ala Moana Boulevard