Amusement Parks in Gashland

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Air Zone opens its inflatable arms to children 12 and younger who wish to romp through a climate-controlled, kinetic-energy-expelling playground of slides and bounceable surfaces. Moms and dads can relax in the cafe, sip an espresso, and enjoy free WiFi as their children thump through the safe oxygen-filled emporium, bounding down colorful ramps or pretending to be Renaissance noblemen in the inflatable jousting coliseum. Two obstacle courses weave through bouncy surfaces, and sock-garbed youngsters can navigate the structures while socializing and tuckering themselves out. Tots ages 2 and younger can cavort around their own private soft-play area, complete with age-appropriate slides, climbing structures, and a physicist recalling the fairytale wedding of oxygen and hydrogen.
7807 N Oak Trfy
Kansas City,