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  • Corn-Bags
    Serving premier websites and the general public with all-natural heat bags. The World's Most-Loved Microwave Heat Bags Are Made In Many Shapes And Sizes For Neck Pain Relief And Other Ailments With Reusable Earth Friendly Microwavable Corn.
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    5177 Shelbyville Road
    Mc Minnville, TN US
  • Isha Foundation
    self help, self empowerment, if you ever had that feeling thta you have tried and done everything but still something is missing in your life...
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    951 Isha Lane
    Mc Minnville, TN US
  • Bluegrass Underground
    • Dale Ann Bradley with Chris Jones and The Night Drivers on Saturday, August 20, at 1 p.m. • Ryan Cavanaugh and No Man's Land with Spirit Family Reunion on Saturday, September 24, at 1 p.m.
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    1437 Cumberland Caverns Road
    Mc Minnville, TN US
  • Short Mountain Distillery
    The word "moonshine" might conjure up images of Prohibition-era speakeasies, but spirit-making at Short Mountain Distillery is hardly a clandestine affair. Quite the opposite, in fact?owner Billy Kaufman keeps his operation a community effort. Kaufman operates the 300-acre Little Short Mountain Farm, and a few years ago it inspired a thought: why not use his land to make moonshine? After all, a notorious moonshiner or two did use the farm's caves for just such a purpose in the past. And it would create jobs, support local farmers, and make for some tasty cocktails, all while keeping the revenue local. Kaufman's friends and neighbors agreed, and in 2010, they voted to allow the construction of Short Mountain Distillery. Today, Short Mountain Distillery continues to champion Tennessee traditions by using the farm's corn and mill to create 105 proof, authentic moonshine in two varieties: classic Short Mountain Moonshine and Apple Pie Moonshine. Their production is still a community project, and if there's any doubt, all you need to do is stop by the distillery, where the staff welcomes visitors with open arms, or at the very least open tours. They can even suggest how to make a mean moonshine cocktail. Even if a person can't make an on-site trip, he or she can still find Short Mountain's potables in stores across Tennessee, Georgia, and Los Angeles.
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    8280 Short Mountain Road
    Woodbury, TN US
  • Foglight Foodhouse
    Fresh fare can be found at Foglight Foodhouse, where patrons seek to sample every seafood dish on the menu. Low-fat fare is not available here, so leave some room in your diet. Foglight Foodhouse has a large dining room, making it easy to seat large parties. Dine out in the open during Foglight Foodhouse's summer season when patio tables are available for use. Foglight Foodhouse tosses the jacket-and-tie dress code convention in favor of a more casual dining experience. Hosting a swanky shindig? Call up Foglight Foodhouse for their catering services. If time is of the essence, Foglight Foodhouse's take-out option may be a better fit. At Foglight Foodhouse, drivers can settle for safe parking in the lot next door. The average check at Foglight Foodhouse will stay below $30 per person, so it's a relatively affordable option.
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    275 Powerhouse Rd
    Walling, TN US
  • Applebee's
    Find delicious sandwiches at other American favorites at Applebee's. Come prepared to feast at Applebee's — with no low-fat options, any diets will need to be put aside for the moment. Ready for a drink to unwind? At Applebee's, you can pair your meal with something from their full bar. Don't miss the happy hour food and drink specials, where a great bargain is always in sight. Volume at this restaurant can reach upper decibels, so come prepared to raise your voice to be heard. Applebee's will deliver their delicious dishes right to your door, or you can stop in and pick up some great takeout. null Your tab at Applebee's will generally run you about $30 per person. Morning, noon, or night, you can head on over to Applebee's since they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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    1311 Smithville Hwy
    Mc Minnville, TN US

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