Dental Implants in Midwest City

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  • Redbud Dental
    Redbud Dental was founded in answer to the chain clinics that endorse a one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry. The doctors focus on maintaining a conversation with each patient and coming up with a nickname for each tooth. They educate patients on treatment options based on their expertise in implants, cosmetic dentistry, and endodontics. This collaborative approach fosters a long-term relationship with patients, who can visit the dentists without fear that they are orthodontists wearing dentist masks.
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    101 N. Douglas Blvd
    Midwest City, OK US
  • Easy Dental Solutions
    At Easy Dental Solutions, a dedicated Spanish-speaking staff helps engineer quality, sterling smiles through detailed examinations and modern technology dental solutions. A triumvirate of talented doctors scans teeth for signs of wear and tear while hygienist steer patients towards a mouth-friendly diet free of candy, caffeine, and Sharpies. The office helps align and correct smiles through dental surgery, crowns, and implants while also brightening teeth through 60-minute Zoom whitening treatments.
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    4341 SE 15th St
    Del City, OK US
  • Dentistry by Design of Midwest City
    Unlike its main competitor, Dentistry by Accident, Dentistry by Design starts your check-up with an initial diagnostic ($100) that includes x-rays ($125), which uncover any decaying specters that might be tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at your enameled chamber's doors. Next, one of the D by D’s team of dentists and hygienists will give your gnashers a professional power wash that blasts away tartar, plaque, and light staining far more gently than gargling with a fire hose ($75). Your oral health adventure can continue at home, as you'll also receive a set of whitening trays ($200) custom-molded to match your very own mouthstones, as well as a supply of home bleaching gel to bring out your inner beauty through the blindingly white glare of ultra-pearly teeth.
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    7215 E Reno Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Crossroads Family Dentistry
    Crossroads Family Dentistry keeps teeth gleaming by custom fitting take-home whitening kits to patients' mouths. The road to pearly perfection starts with an initial consultation, which helps the dentist decide the best course of whitening action. A dental x-ray then determines if your teeth have sprained their little ankles. Finally, the dentist takes impressions of teeth and makes a set of trays, which fit over chompers like U-shaped gloves in order to hold in place the specially formulated whitening gel. Patients take home the trays and gel, and they can wear them for several hours a day at their leisure—typically while sleeping or going about housework. Like ordering a pizza from a restaurant called Godot's, tooth whitening takes patience, with results typically seen after two or three weeks.
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    8101 S Walker Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Signature Dental
    Your appointment will begin with Signature Dental's top smile specialist, Dr. Kesa McConnell, and her team giving you a comprehensive oral exam ($72), during which they'll screen your mouth for problems such as decay, periodontal disease, and restless tongue syndrome. Digital x-rays ($57) and a panoramic x-ray ($95) doubly guarantee that troublesome teeth's underlying traumas and psychological scars are brought to inverted light. A full cleaning ($79) will then remove plaque and tartar, helping to prevent future cavities, gingivitis, gum disease, and mouth moss.
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    2620 NW Expressway
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Buchanan Steve D.D.S.
    Dr. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, and his professional staff straighten and whiten crooked or stained chompers in a cozy, earth-toned office. The Invisalign process eschews cumbersome braces for clear, removable aligners that are virtually invisible to the unclothed eye. An initial exam, including x-rays, photos, and impressions of mouth terrain, paves the way for a flurry of calibrated teeth sheaths that are designed to slowly shift incisors into perfect alignment. Depending on the client’s teeth, as few as 18 or as many as 30 separate aligners need to be worn and removed only when eating, brushing, flossing, or discussing politics during a period of 9–15 months to achieve best results. The total cost of an Invisalign treatment varies for each customer; it can run anywhere from $3,500 to $8,000. This Groupon gets you $1,000 toward that final cost.
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    3001 Northwest 63rd Street
    Oklahoma City, OK US