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Story Naiad, also known as Will Rivera, has multiple titles?the Buddhist shaman has been called a clairvoyant, an empath, a teacher, a healer, and a medium. However, though she wears many hats, the goal behind each remains the same: to inspire mind-body balance and spiritual growth in others. To that end, Story founded Live, Believe, Inspire, a physical home for her talents and the talents of her likeminded friends. Here, Reiki practitioner Sheree strives to heal without touch, Story draws upon her shamanic skills in counseling sessions, and the whole team bands together to donate food to hungry community members. They also schedule programs for young adults, including yoga, art therapy, intuition-building workshops, and intro-to-Buddhism courses that aren't just demonstrations of the different ways to spell "om."
Live, Believe, Inspire
North Arlington,