Smog Check in Oakville

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Owner Serb Kang appreciates efficiency and at Auto Supreme he and his team of mechanics execute services with speed and high standards. They handle everything from a quick lube and tune-up to brake and engine repairs, as well as emissions testing.

8039 Trafalgar Road

Mercedes-trained technicians at The Automotive Empire facilitate full winter performance in cars of all makes and models backed by more than 50 years of auto experience. Cars are prepped for the frosty months with a 5-quart booster shot of oil, a new filter, and a box of lozenges in case the GPS navigator gets a sore throat. For the winter package, technicians fan out tread wear on tires during a rotation, and then embark on a 20-point tour of the components. During the inspection, perceptive mechanics check the vehicle's vital signs, keeping an eye out for safety issues and seasonal defects. To finish off the service, techs pour ample liquids into depleted reservoirs and send the car off bolstered by fluids and immune to the advances of tow trucks.

160 Rossdean Drive

Joe’s Auto Service’s technicians stave off automotive maladies with regular maintenance jobs and repair services of all kinds. Oil changes and state inspections keep cars operational and legal, while engine overhauls and fuel-system services bring clunky rides to an end. Clients in need of a ride to or from work, home, or traffic court can make use of the shop’s shuttle service.

3756 Lakeview Rd

During the 4- to 6-hour service, licensed technicians run through a detailed checklist to make sure cars are in good physical condition. More than three dozen items are on the list, including:Among the remaining items are belts, air filters, fuel lines, door locks and hinges, wipers, oxygen-sensor gauges, and lights. To finish things up, the technicians top off all fluids and put the car through a complete road test to see if it knows which speed-limit signs are optional.

140 Clarke Rd