Japanese Restaurants in Pickering

C$21 for C$40 Worth of Sushi and Japanese Cuisine for Two or More at Sushi Kai

Sushi Kai

Midtown Toronto

C$40 C$21


Skilled chefs roll 25 types of maki and stir up classic offerings of Japanese curry, teriyaki-slathered entrees, and vegetarian dishes

C$12.50 for C$25 Worth of Asian Cuisine and Drinks at Sushi & Thai

Sushi & Thai


C$25 C$12.50


Spicy Thai-style curries, stir-fried seafood dishes, and 30 varieties of sushi and sashimi served amid orchids and red, geometric accents

Sushi and Thai Food at Zem-One (Up to 47% Off). Three Options Available.



C$30 C$16


Chefs cover both Thai and sushi on their expansive halal menu, also bringing in other Asian culinary influences like general tao & pad thai

Soup, Salad, Sushi and Sashimi, Entrees, Ice Cream, and Sake for Two or Four at Sagano Japanese(Up to 52% Off)

Sagano Japanese

Sagano Rooftop Japanese Dining

C$140 C$69

Modern and traditional Japanese design come together in rooftop restaurant featuring light, crisp tempura, fresh sushi, and gourmet desserts

Asian Cuisine for Two or Four at Orchid Asian Bistro (40% Off)

Orchid Asian Bistro

Kenmore NW

$25 $15

Eatery dishes out firecracker shrimp, pineapple fried rice, sushi, beef teriyaki, thai cashew chicken, and dragon rolls with eel

Japanese Cuisine for Two or Four at Sakura Home Japanese Restaurant (Up to 50% Off)

Sakura Home Japanese Restaurant


$30 $15


New sushi chef Ken serves up specialty sushi rolls; sizzling hibachi entrees and classic noodle dishes also available

$16 for $30 Worth of Sushi and Grilled Food at Mandarin Sushi & Grill

Mandarin Sushi & Grill


$30 $16

Eatery offers Japanese sushi rolls, tempura, and grilled dishes

Japanese Cuisine for Two or Four at Plum House (Up to 50% Off)

Plum House

Monroe Avenue

$30 $19


Japanese noodles, teriyaki dishes, and specialty sushi rolls fill tables in softly lit eatery with hanging paper lamps and 16-year history

$22 for $40 Worth of Sushi and Chinese Food at Sakura Garden

Sakura Garden


$40 $22

Classic or specialty sushi rolls and Chinese entrees served with Asian beers and sake

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Sagano Japanese?s entrees are served with a side of Toronto?s skyline. A sweeping view of the city is afforded by the eatery?s perch on the rooftop of Delta Toronto East, serving both hotel guests and the general public alike. As the sun sets in the sky, parties kick off dinners with seared scallops and shrimp encased in a crispy tempura shell. Chefs also slather teriyaki sauce atop grilled sirloin beef and slice the popular California roll into bite-size pieces. Couples can opt for more intimate dining experience as chefs prepare meals right at the table or just outside your car window.

2035 Kennedy Rd

The artistic chefs at Sushi Kai skillfully cut sushi and use fresh fish, meats, and high-quality produce when creating dishes for their traditional Japanese menu. Celebrating Japan’s most popular import, the sushi chefs can roll choices from 25 maki options including barbecued eel and thinly carved yellowtail sashimi, or set off in-mouth fireworks with cone-shaped spicy-tuna hand rolls. Japanese curries introduce diners to a lesser-known Japanese specialty, greeting tongues with a choice of chicken, beef, pork, or fish. As diners share bites of sushi, they lounge in Sushi Kai's minimalist dining room and lecture its plants on proper photosynthesis technique.

168 Eglinton Ave E

Ichiban has been slinging its extensive menu of Japanese fare to local fishophiles since 1983, with fresh omega-3-powered fishfare delighting dinner-diners. Confuse country-centric culinary beliefs by starting with an order of the sushi pizza, a fried-rice crust topped with salmon ($7) or tuna ($9), or sink taste-talons into the sweet-potato tempura ($7), fried to a golden brown. Full-plated entrees at the eatery include teriyaki ($12–$24), marinated meats ($14+), and rice and noodle nests ($8–$13), with a sushi selection offering fresh glistening sashimi ($3+), as well as classic and contemporary rice-rolled treats. The lobster tobiko roll ($10) swaddles the meat of the mighty crustacean with avocado, fresh veggies, flying fish roe, and a mint mayonnaise to offer a decadent dip into unchartered culinary waters, while the Las Vegas roll ($13) hits the jackpot of Neptune-approved nourishment with its amalgamation of shrimp tempura, crab stick, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese blanketed with fresh tuna and salmon.

1375 Yonge St

Monsoon Lounge & Sushi crafts a wide array of artful sushi creations for diners to sample from within the eatery's lively, stylish space. Chef Meaghan Kemper's menu offers fresh maki rolls bedecked with sustenance both raw—such as the butterfish maki adorned with masago rice pearls ($10)—and cooked, such as the chicken pad thai roll, which reincarnates the popular noodle dish in circular, bite-size form, right down to the spicy peanut sauce and production numbers from The King and I ($8). House specialty rolls include the Monsoon Rainbow, a prismatic display involving crab, cucumber, asparagus, and Japanese mayo topped with tobiko, avocado, and assorted sashimi ($14). The sashimi platter, a 12-piece chef's choice selection of thinly sliced sea tasties satisfies diners with an assertive helping and handshake ($21).

140 Dunlop St E

A serene feeling envelops visitors as they enter Fuji Grill Sushi Bar & Japanese Cuisine’s wood-paneled dining room replete with potted trees and sit at a table or at the sushi bar. Led by chef Tomo Lin, who trained in sushi preparation for four years in Japan, the kitchen creates Japanese food from teriyaki and tempura favorites to inventive sushi creations. Signature rolls include the Fuji, filled with yellowtail and salmon and topped with four types of roe, and the heart-shaped Susan roll of spicy tuna. Parties can also sample myriad selections with one of many combo platters that may include rolls, sashimi, or nigiri. The sushi chefs demonstrate a sense of whimsy as they decorate sushi plates with sauces, drawing images such as dragons, tree branches, or Morse code messages reading, "I know what you did."

Along one wall of the dining room, screens of angled wooden slats and a trellis canopy of ivy create a cozy, semiprivate atmosphere at each table. Japanese paper lanterns, wall scrolls, and windowpanes that mimic traditional paper screens additionally contribute to the eatery's authentic aura.

736 Maple Street

Sushi Nagasaki fuses the cylindrical sensations of sushi with the spicy servings of Thailand, creating an alluring Asian-cuisine mixture. Appease even the most cantankerous of tongue receptors with the eel-and-cucumber-stuffed dragon roll, the California roll crested with fish roe, or the spicy tuna hand roll twined with lettuce and cooling cucumber (all priced at $8.95). Thai creations such as the evil red curry ($7.75), a sinful mix of bamboo shoots, green beans, coconut milk, and basil leaves. Or try the less devious yellow curry ($7.75), a combination of savory Thai spices, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, coconut milk, and onions that can readily fill torso purses with the sustenance needed to reach the paradoxically parallel high and low branches of the world tree. And the stir-fried broccoli ($7.75) places enough green stalks on your plate to create a micro-forest for a kind-hearted troll. All curries come with a choice of beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp for $1 extra.

3189 Delaware Ave