Mexican Restaurants in Washington Park

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If your diet of boiled cauliflower and dry-curd cottage cheese has left you hungry for habanero-inspired anything, plunge a warm tortilla chip into the depths of the seven-layer dip ($8.99), or try the spicy shrimp "snake bite" poppers ($8.99), crisp fried jalapeño poppers stuffed with shrimp and cheese. Cactus Grille's extensive entree selection includes bejazzled burgers and other hand-held delights, such as the chipotle bacon cheeseburger ($8.49), smothered with chipotle mayo sauce, or the salmon chimichanga ($14.99) with poblano molé sauce. Other enticing options include Cactus's house-specialty barbecue ribs ($13.99 for a half rack), slow-cooked and doused with the house Mayan barbecue sauce, or the DIY filet dinner ($18.99), wherein sliced portions of filet pre-cooked rare arrives at your table along with a sizzling cast-iron platter that allows you to sear the meat to your desired degree of doneness. Mexican-dining traditionalists will enjoy the selection of burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and fajitas, while dessert-inclined diners will find solace from the fiery fare in the southern plantation key lime pie ($4.95) or cheesecake chimichanga ($4.95).

800 Allens Ave