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A casual grill and pub, Bo's 'N Mine celebrates food and friendly competition in equal measure. Large flat-screen TVs hanging over the tables show live sporting events, and regular matches of Buzztime Trivia pit friends against friends, or friends against retired chess computers. In a dedicated game room, folks can keep the camaraderie going with arcade games, darts, and pool.

The menu of casual pub fare, meanwhile, seems designed to keep guests fueled for play. Popular sandwiches such as roast beef and chicken fajita are served alongside Bo's signature burgers, each anchored by 1/3-pound hand-formed patties made with meats sourced from Pierce County producers. Beer-battered shrimp or fish, and barbecue pork ribs round out the menu. As if the entertainment factor wasn't enough, many of the proceeds from dining and gaming go toward a good cause: Bo's supports five local and national charities.

110 S Main St
River Falls,

When Glen Rasmussen was in high school, he earned cash by working in a restaurant. It turns out that was just the first step on what would be a long career path. Glen is now the owner of Ras? on Main, and runs every aspect of the business, from the cooking to the accounting. He gets help from his wife and two kids, making the pub truly a family venture.

Glen wants that family-friendly vibe to envelop patrons right when they walk through the door. The hearty menu of comfort food features platefuls of pasta in housemade sauce, hand-cut steaks, and beer-battered onions rings. Glen tops the eatery?s namesake burger with bacon, cheese, and the classic fixings, but he throws a curve ball with the other burgers?the Flame Thrower burger is smothered in a mound of jalape?os, and the Bavarian Melt burger is crowned with sauerkraut and swiss cheese.

855 Davis St