Moroccan Restaurants in River Falls

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Marrakech Moroccan Café & Grill transports its guests o n a culinary and sensory journey to the Kingdom of Marrakech, where Moroccan cuisine comingled with Berber, French, and Mediterranean influences to forge its flavorful identity stamped in slow-cooked stews and fresh-baked breads. The first course warms up dining duos with fresh bread and two bowls of harira soup, a tomato-and-beef-base simmering with chickpeas, lentils, and onions. Next, a chopped carrot salad combined with orange works the offseason from its gig as snowperson rhinoplastic appendage. For the entree, Marrakech's servers deliver each diner a cooked salad, fresh bread, and choice of tagine, the traditional earthenware pot that slowly stews and serves up vegetables and spices with a choice of lemon chicken, beef, or veggie couscous.

1839 Central Ave NE