Pet Grooming in San Rafael

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  • Pride and Groom
    Pride & Groom / Aqua Doggie helps owners soap up dirty pups at a trio of self-serve stations. The shop lays out shampoos and conditioners, bathing mitts and Zoom Groom scrubbers, towels, goggles, and other grooming essentials in each private, climate-controlled room. Once owners free their canines from straitjackets of grime, staffers step in to clip and dremel-grind nails as well as express anal glands. Pride & Groom / Aqua Doggie also stocks grooming supplies such as brushes, combs, scissors, and eyelash curlers, and invites pooches to frolic on its grassy dog run. If requested, the shop can dispatch friendly staffers to provide in-home pet care.
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    6 Red Hill Ave
    San Anselmo, CA US
  • Alpha Dog
    A cage-less doggy day care and grooming facility, AlphaDog pampers pooches with outdoor frolicking and sudsy shampoos. Before their stay at AlphaDog, all dogs must take part in a one- to four-hour temperament trial. Customers with crowded schedules can drop off their loyal labradoodles at 7 a.m. for a full-day stay that keeps them out of harm's way as their owners attend to important workday business, such as fomenting against widespread usage of split infinitives. As the dogs bound around the springy turf of the day care's 5,000-square-foot outdoor play area, canine companions can sample carefully selected crunchy treats and make new friends before the 7 p.m. pickup time.
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    254 Shoreline Hwy
    Mill Valley, CA US
  • Desiree's Pink Poodle Grooming
    Over 10 years experience, I love your animals like they are my own. Their comfort is more important than anything. I've worked 10 years without any incidents.
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    1660 Rumrill Blvd
    San Pablo, CA US
  • Wag Hotels
    With up to 1,100 square feet of outdoor space, private suites, and splash pools, Wag Hotels would be a swanky destination for any human. But as much as they might want to?and as much press as they might have read about the hotels?bipeds aren't welcome to spend the night at either of the hotel's locations. Instead, cats and dogs rule the roost at these luxury pet resorts. All locations are open 24/7 and offer more than 10,000 square feet of indoor playrooms where pups romp around. Spacious boarding rooms with flat screen TVs await canines spending the night while two-level kitty condos keep cats entertained with built-in exotic fish tanks. And for top dogs, Wags offers Ultra suites outfitted with raised Queen beds and in-room aromatherapy dispensed by employees. Animals can even indulge in the hotel's spa, which offers such grooming services as oatmeal shampoos and pet tattoos. To ensure each four-legged guest's visit is comfortable, Wag's team employs the Wag Care 360 approach. This approach includes sanitizing the facility regularly and allowing owners to check in on their pets via the hotel's web cams. Wag also provides dog training courses.
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    25 14th Street
    San Francisco, CA US
  • SF Hound Lounge
    As lifetime dog lovers, Ashley and Doug Bunker were discouraged by the overcrowded and grimy conditions they found at many of the dog daycare centers near their home. So they decided to open up their own dog daycare, SF Hound Lounge, where they could give pups exceptional attention in a clean, spacious facility. SF Hound Lounge has a 7,000-square-foot main play area as well as a separate play area for small dogs and large, lung-bearing goldfish. Staffers supervise the dogs at all times and disinfect shared toys and bowls daily. In addition to the cage-free boarding loft, the facility includes a self-serve dog-washing area stocked with shampoo, brushes, and nail clippers.
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    2825 Mariposa St.
    San Francisco, CA US
  • Precita Bark
    Precita Bark keeps pooches clean with full and self-service dog washes. With either option, the staff supplies everything necessary, including towels, all-natural shampoos, and pompoms for the ankles of balding poodles. The groomers also administer doggy spa treatments, including blueberry facials. And before dogs and owners head out, they can grab treats and toys.
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    433 Precita Avenue
    San Francisco, CA US