Tires in San Rafael

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  • AmayaS' Auto Repair
    Owner and mechanic Victor Amaya brings a decade of experience to AmayaS’ Auto Repair, where foreign and domestic cars can hop on a lift and forget their problems. Victor and his crew offer services that run the gamut from basic oil changes and tune-ups to replacements for finicky brakes, axles, and alternators. The technicians can also root out the causes of motor troubles and run diagnostics for the check-engine light, which typically illuminates when a good Samaritan leaves a cash prize under a car’s hood.
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    44 Hoag Avenue
    San Rafael, CA US
  • Miracle Auto Painting
    101 Auto Body turns back autos' internal clocks, reversing the effects of years of roadway service with restorative repairs and maintenance. Their technicians welcomes dented, scratched, and smashed vehicles into their body shop and bandage them up with techniques ranging from bodywork to parts installation. For less severe blemishes, like smudged headlights and paint jobs that have been autographed by Picasso, they also offer interior and exterior detail services.
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    5327 Jacuzzi St. Suite 3A
    Richmond, CA US
  • Sarah Hammond Massage and Pilates
    A relaxing spa day is Richmond's Sarah Hammond Massage and Pilates specialty! Take a break from your long work week and enjoy a relaxing and nurturing facial at this spa. When you need to loosen up your tensed muscles, a massage from this spa is waiting for you. Heading to this spa? Make sure you make an appointment beforehand since this establishment is strictly by-appointment. For moderately priced, quality spa treatments, look no further than Sarah Hammond Massage and Pilates. Guests take to street parking at Sarah Hammond Massage and Pilates' San Benito St spot. Sarah Hammond Massage and Pilates is perfect for a day of pampering or a simple solution for relieving stress, so book an appointment today no matter your motivation.
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    1627 San Benito St
    Richmond, CA US
  • 76 Autocare
    At 70 miles per hour, your tires are the only thing keeping you from skidding across the highway like a holiday sled. It's only fair that you keep them well maintained. That's where 76 Autocare comes in. Skilled 76 technicians can mount, rotate, and balance tires?and then teach them how to roll over for good measure. Clients can also supplement wheel services with dent removal, oil changes, or a swift system flush.
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    401 Parker Avenue
    Rodeo, CA US
  • Auto Care 101
    Autos of all sorts trundle into the garage of Auto Care 101's brick building where ASE-certified mechanics execute services backed by high-tech diagnostics technology. Their vehicular expertise extends to everything from alignment adjustments to routine oil changes. Though they specialize in Japanese vehicles such as Honda and Toyota, they apply their skills to domestic and European models with the same aplomb, performing smog checks and engine diagnostics without converting pistons to the metric system.
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    700 San Pablo Ave.
    Albany, CA US
  • Lee Auto Body & Mechanic, Inc.
    Precision is key at Lee Auto Body & Mechanic. Whether the repairs are technical- or cosmetic-based, the staff uses advanced technology to help return automobiles back to their original states. For example, technicians use computer-assisted frame-measurement technology to repair body damage. This ensures that the end product possesses the original factory specifications, meaning it will look the same, drive the same, and still fit into its favorite tarp. The techs use new technology on the cosmetic side of things, as well. Whether they’re performing minor touchups or major paint jobs, their factory-quality color-matching tools and state-of-the-art finishing systems keep cars’ original colors intact, unless customers opt for a complete auto-body makeover. In addition to all this, Lee Auto Body also restores vintage cars, rekindling their former glory with expert body and paint work.
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    1695 Galvez Ave
    San Francisco, CA US