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Bestóv Style & Beauty 2014

BY: Editors | Dec 22, 2014
Bestóv Style & Beauty 2014

In 2014, Groupon's tastemaker Bestóv was busy. He created a 54-karat-gold facial, decreed that pastels are passé, and wove a best-selling line of knitwear from the hair of alpacas raised near Machu Picchu. He also curated his favorite style and beauty writing for the year. Here are his picks.

Best Use of Eels as an Educational Tool:

Our musical video tutorial will show you the best way to tie your tie: by pretending it’s an eel.
How to Tie a Tie

Best Tutorial for the Makeup-Challenged:

bestov smoky eye

In a video tutorial, Elle Leary shows us how to create a simple smoky eye and explains why it’s especially suited to the season. – How to Get a Smoky Eye for Summer

Best Solution for Bed-Linen Frustration:

bestov fitted sheet

Astound your friends! Neatly stash your linens! 
– How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Best Tutorial for Time Travelers:

bestov contouring

The makeup technique defines your cheekbones and sharpens your jawline. Show us how it’s done, Élisabeth! 
How to Contour in Five Steps (with Help from an 18th-Century French Noblewoman)

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Best Way to Avoid a Beauty-Shop Blunder:

bestov stylist questions

The co-owner of one of Chicago's most fashionable salons answers FAQs on everything from small talk to tips. – Seven Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Stylist

Best Tips for Saying "I Do" on a Dime:

bestov wedding budget

Two experts with very different styles take on the tough questions: cash bars, ring shopping, and bridesmaid dresses. – Four FAQs for When You're Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Best Reason to Embrace VPL:

bestov yoga pants

It's a question as old as spandex: commando, thong, or plain old underwear? We break down the responses to our poll. – What Do You Wear Under Yoga Pants? I Asked 400 People.

Best Advice from a Guy Named John Wayne:

bestov beard grooming

John Wayne Formica was a finalist in Wahl’s beard-centric Man of the Year contest. Learn about his grooming routine, beard-friendly foods, and Abe Lincoln’s chiseled cheekbones.
– Beard-Grooming Tips from a Beard-Growing Champion

Best Grandma-Approved Hair Trend:

bestov style gray hair

Bleaching your hair gray isn’t just eye-catching—it’s also a middle finger to the anti-aging industry. Barbara and Barbara owner Kara Wabbell shows us how it’s done. – Young Women Are Going Gray on Purpose. And They Feel Fine.

Best Butchering of Jay Z Lyrics:

bestov style nail wraps

Nail wraps require no drying time, resist chips, and come in wild patterns. How do I love thee? Let me rap the ways. – My Experience with Nail Wraps, Told with Help from Actual Raps

Best Righting of a Fashion Wrong:

bestov style denim

These three outfits look so good, they won’t elicit a single Canadian tuxedo joke.
– How to Wear Denim on Denim

Best Trend Borrowed from Fish:

bestov style mermaid

A mermaid-tail designer and a full-time mermaid model explain why the year’s boldest swimwear trend is actually an environmentalist statement.

Best Surprising Use for Birdseed:

bestov style drag

Joshua Davis loves RuPaul's Drag Race but thinks his broad shoulders and manly mug make his drag prospects basically zilch. We asked season four's The Princess to prove him wrong.
– A Drag Race Star Shows a Fan He's Not "Un-Draggable"

Best Map Devoted to Body Art:

bestov style tattoos

We found out which city loves its body ink most and which one adores its ink-removing lasers.  – America's Favorite Cities for Tattoos and Tattoo Removal

Best Guide to Purses with Human Names:

bestov style hermes

It started with a candid photo of newly crowned princess Grace Kelly. Now you’re no one unless a designer makes a bag that mimics your style.

Best Cosmetics Throwdown:

bestov style cosmetics

We pitted designer mascara, lipstick, and concealer against budget-friendly drugstore brands. See which products won. – Department-Store Makeup vs. Drugstore  Makeup

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