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  • Flight Ctr
    The best vacation deals may not always be available online. Check out Flight Ctr in Kitchener and get the best bang for your buck. It'll be a short walk from your parking space with so many options available nearby. So give the folks at Flight Ctr in Kitchener a call today and book your next adventure!
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    Kitchener, ON CA
  • Instinct Windsports
    Instinct Windsports gives humans the means to defy gravity and evolution. Everyone from beginners to experienced hang gliders can learn the ways of flight, with instructors making safety their top priority. Ground schools explore the gliders and their underlying principles before a scooter-mounted towing winch and a computerized simulator let beginners ease into flight. Although not included with this Groupon, more experienced students can work through certification courses that give them the techniques necessary to soar on their own. For a safe, immersive introduction to the world of hang gliding, the center’s certified pilots also offer tandem flights. A high-powered winch or an ultra-light airplane tows the duo to as high as 1,500 feet before releasing the glider to the instructor’s control. During the next 10–30 minutes, adventurers gain a birds-eye view of the surrounding area and the possibility of controlling the glider so they can brag to their land-bound pets after landing.
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    Waterloo, ON CA
  • Ultimate Exotics
    Ultimate Exotics allows drivers to take the wheel of a variety of top-rated supercars during an array of driving experiences. Clients choose the car they want to drive—including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Nissan GTR, and Audi R8 V10—along with the driving experience of their choice, from 30-minute jaunts in the car of their dreams to longer experiences with multiple cars. During the five-hour HR VIP experience for instance, thrill-seekers cut a path through the terrain near Niagara Falls, periodically stopping at checkpoints to switch over to the next car in the lineup and pulling into the Keg Steakhouse for a scenic lunch overlooking Niagara Falls.
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    Stoney Creek, ON CA
  • Fantasy flight simulators
    Equipped with a fully functioning flight-management system, full-size replica throttles, and an overhead panel rife with realistic switches and doodads, the simulator at Fantasy Flight invites guests to jet into the sky without ever leaving the ground. The trained instructors guide aspiring pilots through the experience of flying a commercial jet, which can be as simple as cruising over a favorite city or landing at one of the 24,000 airports in the simulator's database. They also tackle detail more advanced tactics, such as navigation, radio communication, and firing up the engine.
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    Burlington, ON CA
  • Toronto MotorSports Park - Leisure Offers
    With two decades of racecar driving under his belt, Mr. Uli Bieri sought a means to safely share motorsports with other enthusiasts. In 1997, he found it in the form of Cayuga Dragway Park, a former airstrip built in 1955. He purchased the land, and over the years added a 3-kilometre road course that could be reconfigured for drivers of different skill levels and extensive noise-reduction berms. He constructed the tracks with a strong focus on safety, keeping the ground flat and providing ample runoff area. In 2001, he rechristened the two tracks Toronto Motorsports Park, providing a venue for amateur racers to compete, practice, and engage in instructional programs. Today the dual stretches of pavement serve both education and entertainment for the motorsports community, regularly holding massive events featuring professionally modified vehicles and legendary drivers. Amateurs still get plenty of track time to try out new vehicles with the Test & Tune Program and race custom rides in the Bracket Series.
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    Cayuga, ON CA
  • Canadian Racing Experience
    The 483-horsepower V8 engine roars in front of you as you shift gears, and the speedometer climbs to more than 150 miles per hour. Gliding down the straightaway, you grip the wheel of a Ferrari F430. You don't need to buy your own exotic car to experience this adrenaline rush—Canadian Racing Experience connects visitors with a similar emprise on the raceways of Toronto Motorsports Park. Instructors brief visitors on the handling and controls of sleek Ferraris and V10-engine-powered, six-speed Lamborghini Gallardos, preparing them for the upcoming track. Afterward, instructors slip into the passenger seat and let their guests take the wheel for an extreme, exhilarating driving experience.
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    Haldimand, ON CA