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  • Bikram Yoga Bronx
    Bikram Yoga Bronx and Yorktown offers students 38 weekly classes. ?While you move?through 26 poses in 90 minutes, the temperature holds steady at 104 degrees to keep muscles limber and slow-cook any nearby pork roasts. Once class is over, you can hit the studio's showers before heading back outside, detoxified and revitalized.
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    37 Triangle Center
    Yorktown Heights, NY US
  • The Well Balanced Mom
    Yoga for moms, music and free play for the kids! Westchester County's only mom-focused yoga class that allows you to bring your children along. Each hour long class features beginner/intermediate level vinyasa yoga for the moms integrated with music and movement activities and free play for the kids. All ages welcome.
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    Route 202
    Somers, NY, NY US
  • CrossFitYorktown
    Tired of gimmicky diets and ineffective workouts, owner and master coach Ray Carile turned to CrossFit. He has whipped himself into shape and kept excess pounds at bay with CrossFit?s no-nonsense approach?perform a varied workout three times a week and burn more calories than you consume. To help others stick to that simple and effective philosophy, he opened CrossFitYorktown. He and his team of trainers lead clients of all fitness levels in exercises that incorporate functional movements, such as pushing and pulling, and draw upon a wide array of equipment, including battle ropes, kettlebells, and rowing machines. Their focus on functional movements prepares participants for everything from everyday activities?such as climbing stairs and chasing cars?to sports and work tasks. In each session, they vary the daily workout to help motivate patrons to stick to the schedule. Because the method is adaptable, they offer classes for kids as young as 3 to instill healthy lifestyle habits in wee ones right out of the gate.
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    1422 East Main Street
    Shrub Oak, NY US
  • Liberation Yoga
    "Liberation Yoga is founded on the belief that every human being can and should be free." This motto sums up the philosophy of Liberation Yoga, while the center's practices put the motto into motion. Here, students can free themselves of stress and tension during classes that incorporate the mind-body-spirit connection through deep breathing, core-strengthening moves, and meditation. By practicing the ancient technique, students can also lower their risk of heart attacks and relinquish dependencies while increasing their self-awareness and sense of community with other practitioners. These benefits extend outside of classes as well. In the Wellness Center, visitors can further their healing during massage and reflexology sessions, reducing muscle aches and calming their minds from mentally cursing their muscle aches.
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    862 Route 6
    Mahopac, NY US
  • Kettlebell Inferno LLC
    As a police captain in Yonkers, Patrick McMahon oversaw the fitness training of younger officers, designing workouts around a simple credo: “plan your work and work your plan.” After retiring, he bonded with trainer John Moljo over their shared love of kettlebells, and they decided to pool their talents and knowledge to create Kettlebell Inferno LLC. Integrating elements from Spartacus exercises and Tabata training, John and Patrick carefully shaped their workouts to be simple, vigorous, and safe. No two muscles are worked back to back, and sessions incorporate the whole body, all planes of motion, and every trigonometry concept tested on the SAT. Accompanied by a driving soundtrack, instructors push students to new heights and keep things fresh by adding surprising, varied exercises.
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    3830 Gomer St.
    Yorktown Heights, NY US
  • Evolution Fitness Club Mahopac
    Evolution Fitness Club readily accepts its identity as a boutique fitness center, meaning it doesn't have everything for everyone, nor does it try to. Instead, the intimate, close-knit club strives to offer clients a refreshing alternative to joining impersonal chain gyms or surreptitiously working out in Jack LaLanne’s living room. On its main level, Evolution greets visitors with cardio equipment, strength machines, and a spacious, well-lit studio where instructors lead groups through classes of yoga, Zumba, Pilates, and more. The facility also boasts a discreet underground area with floor-to-ceiling mirrors where the owners keep more strength machines and free weights.
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    654 Route 6
    Mahopac, NY US

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