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  • Pearle Vision
    Pearle Vision presents an opportunity to treat all of your optical care needs in Tarentum. Whether you're looking for new contacts or a new pair of specs, Pearle Vision has it all. You've been searching all over for a great vision center, but the right choice is in plain sight. Make your appointment at Pearle Vision.
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    242 Pittsburgh Mills Cir
    Tarentum, PA US
  • Go2Karate
    After beginning martial arts in 1980, two karate students earned seventh-degree black belts and eventually went on to become masters and open their own schools. They wanted to share their love of karate and other martial arts with even more people, so in 2011, they created Go2Karate is a website that connects people around the world with martial arts schools in their communities. It also helps users learn about the various styles of martial arts—teaching them the differences between karate, Brazilian jujitsu, capoeira, and mixed martial arts, for instance—as well as helps them find a class based on their individual goals. On the easy-to-use website, parents can find a karate school to successfully teach their child self-confidence and respect. Kids' karate classes acquaint students with others their own age, and also build skills that help them deal with schoolyard bullies. For women, karate and other martial arts do double duty as a fun and confidence-building fitness regime while also equipping them with essential self-defense moves. Karate and martial-arts classes for men help them not only hone fighting technique, but also reduce stress and drop pounds while chiseling stronger bodies. Users simply enter their location information and the style of martial arts they're interested in, and the website shows them a bounty of schools conveniently located nearby, many with a class schedule and news about recent events.
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  • Luna Vision and Beauty
    Using ophthalmological powers earned during prestigious studies at Case Western Reserve Medical Center and fellowships at Cornell and Tulane universities, Luna Vision and Beauty's Dr. Rinku Dutt restores vision with high-tech LASIK procedures and ensures long-term ocular health with eye exams. With more than 7,000 LASIK surgeries under her belt, Dr. Dutt deftly executes bladeless procedures that help clients correct blurred vision or activate the ability to see into the infrared spectrum without glasses or contacts. In addition to sharpening her patients' eyesight, Dr. Dutt also tends to their facial and bodily imperfections with 15 years of experience in beauty treatments. She beautifies faces with Botox or Juvéderm applications, which safely smooth away nearby fine lines and wrinkles. With lasers calibrated to destroy hair follicles without damaging the skin, she clears away unwanted hair from virtually any area of the body during laser hair-removal sessions. Blepharoplasty treatments use a CO2 laser to remove fat and excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids.
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    1826 Union Ave.
    Natrona Heights, PA US
  • Chiropractic Healing & Wellness Center
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: Chiropractic Healing & Wellness Center facet_type_id: b10b6800-5f2b-1032-97ed-a532b03480df html_text: |- When it functions properly, the human body is perfectly capable of taking care of itself. Aligned vertebrae allow the nervous system to effortlessly communicate with organ systems throughout the body, staving off disease and improving overall vitality. However, chronic pains and illness can plague the body when this arrow-straight alignment doesn’t exist. These are the situations that Dr. Misty O’Toole specializes in correcting. Relying on the total-body benefits of chiropractic care, the doctors perform spinal adjustments that jump-start the body’s natural healing processes and relieve the back pains, headaches, or numbness that pinched nerves can cause. Although the staff members rely on their experience as well as their extensive knowledge when treating patients, they can also rely on x-ray systems and radiation-free infrared thermal-imaging technology as they diagnose a patient’s condition.
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    1601 Union Ave
    Natrona Heights, PA US
  • Sluser, Timothy DDS
    Dr. Timothy Sluser and company practice a holistic philosophy that melds maintenance, aesthetics, and comfort to create and maintain attractive, healthy smiles. Along with general dentistry services such as fillings, bridges, and orthodontics, the smile surgeons at all three locations perform cosmetic procedures such as implanting lifelike porcelain veneers, reshaping teeth for finer facial contours, and installing oral black lights for a brighter shine. The father of four young sons himself, Dr. Sluser keeps abreast of the latest advancements in pediatric dentistry, and does everything in his power to ensure nervous children enjoy a stress-free visit.
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    354 Freeport St
    New Kensington, PA US
  • USA Fitness & Chiropractic
    For chiropractic services that go beyond relieving back pain, head to USA Fitness & Chiropractic in New Kensington. Avoid dangerous UV rays by indulging in USA Fitness & Chiropractic's tanning services, including tanning beds, spray tan, and airbrush tan. This chiropractor exercises an open-door policy. All you have to do is walk in for a fabulous appointment. USA Fitness & Chiropractic understands some of us live in a cashless society. Guests are invited to pay with any major credit card. To avoid further injury, call USA Fitness & Chiropractic and schedule your professional chiropractic visit today.
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    700 Craigdell Road
    New Kensington, PA US

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