When the excesses of Las Vegas get the best of you, you have options. You can draw the curtains, don a sleep mask, and curse the heavens as you curl into bed with a 32-ounce Gatorade—or you can take a more proactive route. With the endless line of extravagant hotels on the Strip comes an equally endless selection of luxury spas that can help soothe an aching head or body. Most offer the expected services: massages, manicures, facials, waxing, et cetera. But a few offer twists on the traditional treatments for a Las Vegas massage and spa experience you won’t forget. See the Only Snow in Vegas The service: A session in the Arctic Ice Room Where to find it: Qua Spa at Caesars Palace Claims to fame: Named one of Condé Nast Traveler’s top 50 resort spas in the US; only Arctic Ice Room in the world When the thermostat reads 55º F, something’s usually wrong. That’s not the case at Qua Spa’s Arctic Ice Room, a temperature-controlled paradise with a dome ceiling and sleek, glass-tiled walls. There, heated floors and benches keep you comfortable as faux snow falls from above, gently tickling your skin as you breathe in fresh, mint-scented air. Before or after any treatment at the spa, settle into the room, grab a handful of ice chips for a little added refreshment, and jumpstart a sluggish circulatory system. Diamonds Are Your Back’s Best Friend The service: Balancing Diamonds Massage Where to find it: The Spa at the Trump For the ultimate in opulence, just add some diamonds to your massage oil. When you go for a Balancing Diamonds Massage at the Spa at the Trump, massage therapists work the body with a pure essential oil infused with actual crushed-up diamonds. The spa also offers massages with emeralds, rubies, or sapphires, in case you want to match your spa service to your birthstone. Let Someone Else Stretch for You The service: Watsu Massage Where to find it: Spa & Salon at the Bellagio There aren’t any lifeguards at the private pool in this spa. It’s just you and a massage therapist in the 94º F pool, where he or she keeps you afloat while gently stretching your limbs with zen shiatsu massage techniques. The experience is said to be incredibly relaxing and grounding. Just remember to bring your bathing suit—they’re required. Visit a Steamy Oasis in the Desert The service: A session in the Herbal LaconiumWhere to find it: Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian and Palazzo Claim to fame: At 134,000 square feet, it claims to be one of the largest spas in the world With more than 120 services and activities, it might be hard to narrow down a favorite. But if you can take the heat, give Canyon Ranch SpaClub’s Herbal Laconium a try. Part of Aquavana, the spa’s European-style “aquathermal oasis,” the laconium emits herb-infused steam for you to drink in while sitting on one of the six recessed seats along the wall. Cure a Hangover with an IV and Chair Massage The service: Royal Flush treatment Where to find it: Reviv at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino When your usual hangover-cure options aren’t enough, it might be time for the Royal Flush treatment at Reviv. It’s the medical spa’s most comprehensive IV package, designed to get you ultra-hydrated, detoxified, and un-hangovered while you sit back and relax in a full-body massage chair.
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