Circus in Oakland

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  • Trapeze Arts
    Trapeze School New York’s expansion west meant Angelenos no longer had to cross the country to join the circus. At their outdoor studio on the Santa Monica Pier, highly trained instructors teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced maneuvers during classes on the flying trapeze, aerial silks, lyra, trampoline, and Spanish web. All of Trapeze School New York’s countrywide facilities in New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Chicago, and LA hold themselves to high safety standards that account for everything from equipment to instructors and safety belts. In an effort to bring their flying-trapeze instruction to surrounding communities regardless of funding, the school also gives lessons through their nonprofit branch of operations.
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    1822 9TH ST
  • Athletic PlayGround
    In the course of a typical adult life, it's hard to find opportunities to hang upside down. Unless you take classes at Athletic Playground, that is. Completing one of the center's workouts, which one coach refers to as "grown-up recess," may include carrying classmates on your back or doing flips in circus silks. Below, check out the five best things about their playful workouts: They can turn you into a monkey. In one class, dubbed "Monkey Conditioning," students get in touch with their inner primate, re-learning how to move on all fours and clamber over obstacles. You can't lose. There's nothing competitive about these workouts. Everyone is encouraged to do their best and applauded when they master a new skill. You don't need a circus background. The studio welcomes beginners wth open arms. With enough training, their students can reach levels of flexibility and grace normally found in acrobats and pretzels. There's a sense of community. This is especially true in AcroBalance, a class where students experiment with partnered balancing, and climb all over each other to build elaborate human pyramids. Kids can do it, too. The coaches offer parkour, acrobatics, and aerial training for kids as young as five.
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    4770 San Pablo Avenue
    Emeryville, CA US
  • San Francisco Circus Center - 755 Frederick St
    Your gym might have a trampoline and climbing ropes, but what about Chinese poles and a flying trapeze rig? Circus Center has all of the above, plus other equipment necessary for doing "anything in the air, upside down, backwards, and seemingly impossible." The nonprofit center welcomes students to defy gravity with a diverse class curriculum and seasoned instructors from circuses in several countries. Though some offerings, such as Aerial Doubles, require a certain level of experience, many are geared toward total beginners. Circus newbies can experiment with juggling and tightrope walking or practice Mongolian-based contortion techniques and learn how to fit inside a stubborn pickle jar and open it from there. Trapeze classes even allow students to attempt a catch during their first-ever class. Circus Center is also home to a Clown Conservatory, where workshops focus on slapstick humor, comedic timing, and show creation. Additionally, on Wednesdays and Fridays, the gym opens up for a free two-hour Circus Skills Jam?a practice session for students of all ages.
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    755 Frederick St.
    San Francisco, CA US
  • AcroSports
    A local non-profit founded in 1993 by a group of flexible, like-minded people, AcroSports works with more than 2,500 students each year inside their 10,000 square foot facility and through community outreach programs. With classes for adults, preschoolers, and kids ages six and up, all ages and skill-levels are welcome to tumble, stretch, and fly through the air under the tutelage of seasoned instructors. Children as young as 18 months are encouraged to develop motor skills during pre-K and kindergarten classes, while older kids can build foundations and acquire skills in gymnastics, circus arts, and tumbling.
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    639 Frederick St
    San Francisco, CA US
  • Circus Vargas
    The first thing people notice about Circus Vargas is its big-top tent. Hand-fashioned in Milan from 90,000 square feet of cerulean-blue and sunshine-yellow fabric, the canopy, along with spotlights and saw-dust-covered floors, completed the illusion of an elegant lost era when used in the 2011 film Water for Elephants. The last thing people notice is the absence of animals. They're too busy gaping at a man balancing a 12-step ladder with his mouth. Keeping its marvels strictly human, Circus Vargas builds on a 40-year history by blending classic feats of fearlessness with surprising new tricks. The show features magic tricks along with a skilled hand balancer, a speed juggler, and the wheel of destiny.
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    1 Southland Mall Dr.
    Hayward, CA US
  • Nickelback
    Hershey Theatre The Hershey Theatre, conceived in 1933 by noted philanthropist and chocolatier Milton S. Hershey, stands as an opulent tribute to the performing arts. Taking architectural cues from Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, the foyer’s towering arches gleam with golden paint and crystal chandeliers. The blue-and-gold mosaic that leads to the main seating area is the masterwork of two German artists who spent two years on its construction. Once inside the theater, audiences might think they’ve stepped onto the streets of Venice thanks to the atmospheric ceiling, stonework facades, and gondoliers paddling them to their seats. ####Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Music has permeated the 800 manicured acres where the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts has stood since 1969, when farmer Max Yasgur agreed to let love, peace, and harmony grow wild at the very first Woodstock festival. These days, the renowned outdoor venue and cultural center continues to attract the biggest acts in music to its pavilion stage. The open-air design ensures ample ventilation on the natural sloping lawn, and a roof protects up to 15,000 fans from inclement weather and the prying eyes of Cessna pilots.
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    1 Amphitheatre Pkwy.
    Mountain View, CA US