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  • Tandoor Cuisine of India
    A top-rated restaurant in Orange, Tandoor Cuisine of India offers a familiar vibe with an eclectic menu that features seafood. It's a culinary destination for customers seeking awesome service and an incredible meal. No specific attire is required, so feel free to dress casually and comfortably. For those who are interested, the menu does feature vegetarian items and it's been tabbed as a nice option for both families with children and large groups. In addition to its quick service (take-out is available), the restaurant also offers delivery, and can even cater an event for you. Or, if you just want to stop by for a beverage, the restaurant has a good selection at its bar. Specializing in both lunch and dinner, Tandoor Cuisine of India is a solid choice when you're in the mood for Asian cuisine and want to be more adventurous than the regular ol' Chinese or Japanese fare. Don't worry about trying to find a spot on the street, as visitors to the restaurant do have access to a private parking lot nearby. Would you rather pedal your way there? Bicycle parking is also offered.
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    1132 E Katella Ave
    Orange, CA US
  • Royal Khyber
    The complexity of Indian spices can be intimidating at first. Curries explode in a huge range of colors, bestowed by ginger, coriander, basil, and peppers. Cardamom pods, cloves, and bean-like tamarind look alien at first glance. Arun Puri, head chef at Royal Khyber, harnesses that intricacy, artfully folding more than 38 different herbs and spices into innovative north Indian dishes with healthy twists. The chef, who has been lauded by publications including the Daily Pilot, uses cream, butter, and oils sparingly, instead whipping up lighter sauces and tandoori breads fortified with protein powder. As he works, mesquite charcoals blaze within an imported tandoori clay oven, grilling meat, seafood, and poultry dishes at temperatures of up to 450 degrees, hot enough to melt diamonds back into delicious carbon. Out in the dining hall, the dishes pair with fine wines and cocktails among cushy silk pillows and intricate Indian artwork.
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    1621 W Sunflower Ave
    Santa Ana, CA US
  • MasalaCraft
    If it's true that eating more colorful foods can improve your diet, then MasalaCraft is ahead of the curve. The menu here is a veritable edible rainbow: flakes of cilantro pop atop house-made paneer and red tomato sauce, and the deep orange of mango chutney hints at refreshing sweetness. Inside the Oven Dishes cooked inside MasalaCraft's clay tandoor oven have an especially vibrant taste. That's because the oven's radiant heat, which can climb to 800 degrees, unlocks new depths of flavor from lamb, tiger shrimp kabobs, and rounds of delectably chewy naan. A Dash of Healing Spices The turmeric that lends earthy flavor to your curry may also relieve maladies such as arthritis, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Cardamom pods add an aromatic pop of flavor to biryani, and can also relieve symptoms of the common cold. Cumin brings subtle heat to Indian dishes while simultaneously promoting healthy digestion.
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    2 Hutton Center Dr Ste 103
    Santa Ana, CA US
  • Niki's Indian Food
    "Niki's is everything fast food should be: unpretentious but good; cheap but plentiful; and fast, fast, fast," raved OC Weekly in 2010 when it awarded the restaurant the title of Best Fast-Food Indian Orange County. Speed isn't everything, though. At Niki's Indian Cuisine, the chefs specialize in coaxing the savory flavors out of items such as chicken and lamb by roasting skewers inside a traditional, clay tandoor oven. The majority of the menu contains vegetarian-friendly dishes?including entrees featuring lentils, eggplant, and curried chlorophyll?all of which can range from mild to pleasantly spicy.
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    2031 E 1st St.
    Santa Ana, CA US

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