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  • Canadian Automotive Museum
    Since its opening in 1963, the Canadian Automotive Museum has honored the automotive industry by displaying mint-condition vehicles, some of which date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Many of these cars were manufactured in Canada, whereas others come from America or overseas—but each one has a history that educates and entices visitors. Size: 25,000 square feet, enough room to hold more than 60 vehicles plus motorcycles, bicycles, and trucks The Building: a former 1920's car dealership, featuring the original elevator that moved cars from floor to floor when they were too lazy to take the stairs Eye Catcher: the only remaining 1903 Redpath Messenger; built in Kitchener, its original owner was one of the first employees of the famed Canadian car company Don't Miss: Lady Eaton's 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Pro Tip: the museum and gift shop are both cash only, so hit the ATM on your way there
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    99 Simcoe St S
    Oshawa, ON CA
  • Silverfox Farm
    Originally built to raise thoroughbred racehorses, Silverfox Farm now teaches riders of all experience levels proper horsemanship on a 100-acre ranch resting atop the Oak Ridges Moraine. Within a 75'x170' indoor arena or 80'x200' outdoor ring, equestrians progress through lessons that allow them to learn at their own pace while instructors teach them both riding techniques and an understanding of horses' unique psychology. The farm also puts several horses up in its historical stables, giving them a break from their small childhood beds shaped like jockeys.
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    140 Myrtle Rd. W
    Ashburn, ON CA
  • Springfield Stables
    Springfield Stables galloped past its 30th anniversary in 2014. Every year that passes is a result of its commitment to sound horsemanship and riding, exemplified not only by its Equine Canada?certified instructors but also by every one of their students. A spacious indoor arena and pair of outdoor arenas set the stage for every lesson, whether it's a rundown of the basics for new riders or practice for a big show competition. Meanwhile, the parents and siblings of riders?alongside the horse's uncles?can look on from the heated viewing area attached to the indoor ring, and anyone can make use of the indoor washroom and lounge.
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    7143 Ashburn Rd.
    Whitby, ON CA
  • Parkwood Estate
    Named as a national historic site, Parkwood Estate guided tours offer an intimate and informed look at pristine turn-of-the-century architecture, furnishings, gardens, and landscaping. Knowledgeable volunteers contextualize the experience, narrating events from former owner R. Samuel McLaughlin's life as an auto baron, or explaining the intricacies of his elaborate black-truffle badminton tournaments. While truth may be stranger than fiction, it's seldom as interesting: explore Parkwood Estate's role as a film set, viewing the hall where Professor Xavier appealed for calm in mutant-human relations, or the stairway where Billy Madison single-handedly overcame schizophrenia to victoriously re-enter the world of mathematics. Tours run Tuesday through Sunday, from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
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    270 Simcoe St N
    Oshawa, ON CA
  • Heartland Equestrian
    Heartland Equestrian hands the coveted reins to riders of all ability levels during its lively summer-camp sessions. Campers learn about horses and horsemanship on 47 acres of picturesque farmland and interact with equine amigos on the grounds? indoor and outdoor facilities. Camp runs for six hours Monday?Thursday and three hours on Fridays, after which participants can show off their new mounting, trotting, and four-legged moonwalking skills before family and friends at Friday horse shows. Equestrian helmets are provided to stylishly shield heads, though campers are asked to bring their own long pants, riding boots, and notarized references from other equine pals.
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    9570 Duffs Rd
    Whitby, ON CA
  • Mosport International Karting
    It’s the wind against the skin. Or the adrenaline that comes with competition. Or that feeling of lift in the stomach when cranking the wheel around a tight corner—going so fast that the kart almost spins out. Or, more likely, it’s all of these combined that make high-speed go-karting such an exciting pastime. Either way, Mosport International Karting has it all: karts that zip along at up to 80 kilometres an hour, a 1.5-kilometre outdoor track, 12 turns, and even elevated surfaces that whip past spectators in the viewing areas. And these aren’t your average go-karts—the new CRG high-performance karts from Italy benefit from the power of a racing engine. Everything that drivers need is at the track, from fuel and tires to a pit crew and mechanic. Mosport International Karting’s professional staff even offers licensing and training programs for aspiring racers or clown-car drivers experiencing a midlife crisis.
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    3233 Concession Rd.
    Bowmanville, ON CA

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