Finding things to do in Springfield is like finding things to do in Las Vegas. Though Springfield might have the feel of a small town, it is one of the largest cities in Illinois. The city takes pride in its heritage, making some of the best attractions those that relate to the history of the city and its famous citizens.

Route 66 runs right through Springfield. As one of the oldest highways in the country, it brings to mind Elvis Presley, rock and roll and a time when things were simpler. All of those memories and thoughts come together at the annual Route 66 Mother Road Festival. People come from all across the country for the festival, which offers live music, car shows and dozens of other events. Simply driving down the road and looking at the old-fashion houses on the side of the road can put a smile on anyone's face.

Before he became President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln called Springfield home. The city now has several attractions devoted to his life and times. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has clothing Lincoln wore, letters he wrote to others and hundreds of other artifacts relating to his life. Also in Springfield is the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, which is the only house that the former President actually purchased in his life. The city even offers a walking tour full of stuff to do in the city relating to his life.

Springfield activities are not limited to historic sites and museums. The city is also home to the Henson Robinson Zoo, which is the home of thousands of animals, the Route 66 Drive-In Theater, which shows movies on its original screen, and several parks, including skateboarding parks and parks that provide trolley rides around town. With all the different outdoor attractions and sites, it's impossible to run out of things to do in Springfield.

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