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      Adirondack Chair Pet Feeder

      Wooden feeder channels the outdoors with an adirondack-chair-shaped design; comes with removable stainless steel bowls

      $100 $24.99

      BuckeyBites Premium Antler Chews for Dogs

      Premium antlers make an enticing, low-odor chew for dogs that lasts longer than bones or rawhides

      $85 $39.99

      K&H Thermo Perch

      K&H Thermo Perch with smooth or sanded surface works to shield exotic birds from air conditioning and cold drafts

      $54.99 $27.99

      Large USA Elk Antler Burr Dog Chews (8 oz. Bag)

      Humanely sourced from where the skull attaches to the antler, burrs are naturally tough, making them some of the densest dog chews available

      $45 $19.99

      High Shield Litter Box with Scoop

      A tall, removable shield helps keep litter from straying outside of this open-top litter box, which comes with a matching scoop

      $14.99 $11.99

      Bully Stick-Wrapped Shin Bone

      12” bully stick wrapped around natural shin bone helps clean dogs’ teeth while satisfying their natural urge to chew

      $18 $12.99

      Small and Medium Comfortable Dog Beds

      Give pooch a warm, comfy alternative to expensive furniture with a plush bed of their own, which can easily compliment existing decor

      $59.99 $19.99

      Self-Warming Reversible Leopard Pet Mat

      Reversible mat works with your pet’s body temperatures to maintain consistent warmth

      $29.99 $9.99

      Coleman Pet Car Barrier

      This pet barrier promotes safety by keeping pets in the back seat so that drivers can keep their minds on the road; easy installation

      $39.99 $14.99

      Roll-Away Portable 36"x23" Plush Pet Mat

      Pet mats feature a plush, soft surface and water-resistant bottom, all of which rolls up and easily secures with a hook-and-loop fastener

      $29.99 $14.99

      40"x28" Corduroy Top Dog Bed

      40”x28” dog bed provides a comfortable spot for pups to sleep and play; classic neutral color tones pair easily with home decor

      $34.99 $19.99

      Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Blanket in Taupe

      Pamper the dog or cat with the this ultra-soft sherpa pet blanket, which keeps pet hair off of furniture and upholstery in the home or car

      $22.83 $12.99

      Faux-Fur Pet Cup Beds

      Four-legged friends enjoy snoozing on faux-fur, cup-shaped beds that have washable, removable covers

      $31.99 $18.99

      Anxiety Wraps for Dogs

      Cozy wraps made from lightweight, four-way-stretch fabric help calm dogs during high-stress situations

      $25.34 $16.99

      Puppy Potty Trainer, The Indoor Restroom for Pets

      Three-layer indoor potty-training system with nontoxic, odor-resistant synthetic grass helps pets develop proper bathroom habits

      $25 $14.99

      Juicy Crittoure Dog Grooming Products

      Grooming sets from Juicy Crittoure by Juicy Couture keep pooches shampooed, conditioned, and smelling great

      $49.99 $12.99

      3-Pack of Animal Planet Big Dog Toys

      Durable dog toys inspire hours of fun with a three stylized animal shapes and an interior squeaker

      $39.99 $18.99

      Paw Launch-A-Ball Dog Fetch Toy

      Ergonomically correct fetch toy with a quick-release design helps to keep pups entertained and busy at the beach and park

      $29.99 $9.99

      23" Tufted Pillow Bed for Pets

      Pets can snooze away atop this comfy pillow bed, which is tufted for an elegant look

      $59.99 $14.99

      Reversible Furniture Protector for Sofa, Love Seat, or Chair

      Reversible quilted velvet protectors work to keep sofas, love seats, or chairs safe from rampaging pets

      $79.99 $18.99

      AKC Water-Resistant Pet Mat

      Comfortable and easy to clean pet bed for outdoor and indoor animals of all sizes

      $29.99 $12.99

      AKC Extra-Large Deluxe 3-Piece Bed Set

      This microplush and sherpa bed for pets comes with a bone-shaped pillow and plush throw blanket

      $59.99 $19.99

      American Kennel Club Pet Bed

      Pets stay comfy as they take in some rays by reclining on this water- and chew-resistant pet bed

      $59.99 $19.99

      Carlson Portable Pup Travel Pet Beds

      Lightweight, portable pet beds present an elevated surface for pups to sleep on at home or on the road

      $39.99 $18.99

      Goodyear Pet Seat Barrier

      Back seat barrier holds back overexcited pets from distracting drivers; made of water-resistant nylon fabric

      $22.99 $11.99

      Custom-Engraved Brass SmartTag and Nylon Collar

      Innovative system stores pet information in online database and immediately alerts local rescue groups and shelters if the pet goes missing

      $32.89 $15

      Beatrice Memory-Foam Mats

      Memory-foam mats provide a comfortable spot for pets to nap or relax; mold- and mildew-resistant mat cleans easily in the washing machine

      $31.85 $12.99

      PetZoom Nail Groomer

      Painlessly remove layers of nail from pets with this compact tool, which won’t cause damage or breakage

      $17.99 $9.99

      Elevated Pet Feeders with Airtight Storage

      Elevated feeders help pets chow down without straining muscles; includes both feeding bowls and airtight food storage below

      $21.99 $14.99

      Pet Car Safety Hammock and Seat Protector

      Pet car safety hammocks keep pets in check without caging them, protecting seats and preventing distractions

      $39.99 $14.99