Up to 75% Off Cavi-Lipo Treatments

West Hills Cavi-Lipo Center

Huntington(19.5 miles)

A therapist runs a handheld device over the target area to eliminate fat and minimize the appearance of cellulite

$200 $59

Up to 72% Off Group Fitness Classes

Lover and a Fighter Fitness

Port Jefferson Station(6.1 miles)

Slim down and build muscle tone across your body with a variety of workouts; Zumba, cardio kickboxing, burlesque fitness, and more

$120 $39

Up to 65% Off Fitness Sessions

CATZ of Long Island

CATZ Long Island(10.2 miles)

Adults of all ages and levels of fitness burn fat, build muscle, and establish healthy routines with fitness sessions

$169 $59

Up to 88% Off Lipo-Light Body Contouring

Oceanside Wellness Center

Oceanside(32.5 miles)

Lipo-Light’s mix of LED light and heat noninvasively contours physiques by dissolving fat in areas like hips, arms, legs, stomach, and waist

$390 $49

57% Off Thermage Nonsurgical Tightening

South Shore Cosmetic Surgeons

South Shore Cosmetic Surgeons(32.5 miles)

The heat of radiofrequency waves triggers collagen renewal on the face and neck

$3,000 $1,299

59% Off Yoga at Bearfoot Yoga & Wellness Center

Bearfoot Yoga & Wellness Center

Bearfoot Yoga & Wellness Center(11.6 miles)

Trained instructors lead group classes and modify postures according to individual needs

$120 $49

94% Off Boot Camp at Eclectic Personal Training

Eclectic Personal Training

Eclectic Personal Training(15.4 miles)

In addition to exercises, boot campers learn nutrition and lifestyle-management tips

$850 $49

Up to 73% Off at Come Together Yoga Studio

Come Together Yoga Studio

Come Together Yoga Studio(32.1 miles)

Hot, medium-heat, and nonheated yoga classes held in a brand-new studio with an advanced air-circulation system

$130 $49

Up to 77% Off Skin Treatments

Ultimate Solutions

Ultimate Solutions(27.8 miles)

Nonsurgical facials, microdermabrasions, and Dermapen advanced microneedling technology targets imperfections to improve skin’s appearance

$185 $59

Up to 67% Off at Inner Spirit Yoga Center

Inner Spirit Yoga Center

Inner Spirit Dance(14.3 miles)

Community-oriented yoga studio offers varying class styles and difficulty levels to accommodate students of all abilities

$150 $49

92% Off Chiropractic Package

Forelli Family Chiropractic

Forelli Family Chiropractic(18.6 miles)

Chiropractor with more than 20 years of experience relieves pain with drug-free techniques

$650 $49

Up to 61% Off at Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Pure Barre(24.6 miles)

With the help of a ballet barre, isometric movements tone the body, burn fat, and build long, lean muscles in abs, hips, and arms

$125 $49

88% Off Strength Training at Gaglione Strength

Gaglione Strength

Gaglione Strength(20.0 miles)

Classes blend strength training and conditioning to help build muscles and burn fat

$120 $14

Up to 86% Off Kickboxing Classes at East Coast Karate

East Coast Karate

East Coast Karate(13.9 miles)

Students punch, strike, and kick heavy bags in high-impact kickboxing classes

$90 $15

Up to 55% Off at Yoga Darshana Center

Yoga Darshana Center

Yoga Darshana Center West Babylon(16.9 miles)

Certified instructors help students of all ages and abilities unite mind, body, and spirit through yoga postures linked with breath

$110 $49

Up to 60% Off Fitness Program

Professional Athletic Performance Center

Professional Athletic Performance Center(29.1 miles)

Each option includes 12 Quick Unique Intense Conditioning (QUIC) Fit sessions per month

$100 $49

Up to 68% Off at Crossfit Smithtown

CrossFit Smithtown

CrossFit Smithtown(5.5 miles)

Trainers lead members in core techniques before building up to high-intensity exercise routines

$150 $49

71% Off Ballet Barre Fitness Classes

Variations, a dancer's studio

Variations, a dancer's studio(18.7 miles)

Using small, targeted moves, ballet barre instructors help students tone their bodies with ballet moves and equipment

$170 $49

Up to 66% Off at Yoga Nanda

Yoga Nanda

Yoga Nanda(30.6 miles)

More than 40 classes per week in styles like Classical Hatha, Lotus Flow, Soul-ful Vinyasa, Sound Healing Gentle Kundalini & Yin Yang Yoga

$145 $49

Up to 54% Off Dietary Supplement Plan

Harvard Organic Weight Loss Program

Multiple Locations(9.9 miles)

Dietary experts advise a supplemental detox program to be taken for one or two weeks with the goal of weight loss and/or detoxification

$129 $59

Up to 74% Off CrossFit Classes

Cow Harbor Crossfit

Cow Harbor CrossFit(14.4 miles)

Instructors lead students through a series of high-intensity functional movements, which are designed to burn calories and improve endurance

$200 $59

Up to 86% Off Laser Like Lipo at Manhasset Laser Like Lipo

Manhasset Laser Like Lipo

Manhasset Laser Like Lipo(33.3 miles)

Treatments use laser like light to target and break down fat cells so their contents may be released naturally through the lymphatic system

$340 $59

Up to 66% Off Hardcore Cardio or Zumba Classes

Bushido Karate Dojo, Inc

Bushido Karate Dojo, Inc(6.6 miles)

Instructors motivate groups through Zumba classes set to Latin music and Hardcore Cardio classes that incorporate extreme calisthenics

$120 $49

Up to 67% Off Cavi-Lipo With RF Skin Tightening

Nu Glo Medi-Spa

Dr. Zachary E Gerut's Aesthetic Center(35.5 miles)

Cavi-Lipo noninvasively breaks down fat cells, removes cellulite, and tones withot downtime; RF treatments stimulate collagen production

$250 $89