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      Up to 83% Off Custom Family-Cookbook Tools

      The Great Family Cookbook Project

      Up to 83% Off Custom Family-Cookbook Tools

      The software compiles family recipes, photos, and stories and transforms them into full-colour cookbooks with custom layouts and covers

      C$99.95 C$19.99

      Milex Smokeless Indoor/Outdoor BBQ Grill

      Smokeless design brings grilled cooking to kabobs, steaks, fish, and veggies all year no matter the weather

      C$49.99 C$21.99

      Big Boss Healthy Blender and Soup Maker

      Blender with 800-watt heater and 300-watt motor prepares a wide variety of foods, such as soups, fruit smoothies, and even boiled eggs

      C$108.99 C$64.99

      Kalorik 3-Tier Electric Food Steamer

      Make a nutritionally complete meal with this three-tier steamer, which can cook moist meat, veggies, and rice all at once, without oil

      C$59.99 C$44.99

      Kalorik Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Slow Juicer

      Low-speed, low-noise stainless steel appliance extracts nutrient-rich juice and pulp from fresh fruits and vegetables

      C$199.99 C$119.99

      All-Weather Grill Cover

      Cover protects outdoor grills from the elements so that it is ready to go for summer BBQs

      C$64.98 C$27.99

      Kalorik Multifunctional Digital Rice Cooker

      Multifunctional rice cooker can cook rice, as well as steam and saute; nonstick pot and retractable cord make cleanup and storage easier

      C$89.59 C$54.99

      Chef Buddy Sink Cutting Board

      In-sink cutting board adds approximately 150 square inches of cutting space and has a built-in basket to collect cut-up foods

      C$46.99 C$26.99

      Variety Pack of 100 Caffe Ottavo Nespresso Compatible Pods

      Compatible with Nespresso machines, these pods offer a range of tastes of coffee derived from Italy

      C$60 C$40.99

      Caniam Camera Lens Mug

      Unique mug is designed to look like a camera lens and keep beverages warm with its stainless steel lining

      C$28 C$18.99

      Big Boss 12.5qt. Rapid Wave Convection Oven with Extender Ring

      A do-it-all alternative to a microwave or hot plate, this compact convection oven roasts, fries, grills, and more with little to no oil

      C$109 C$89.99

      Four-Piece Wine Accessory Set

      Stainless steel wine accessories nestled in a round leatherette gift box make an ideal give for wine lovers and party hosts

      C$59.99 C$49.99

      10-Piece Glass Food Storage Set

      Five food storage containers in an assortment of sizes are made out of durable glass and come with corresponding plastic lids

      C$39.99 C$19.99

      Bentgo Lunchbox Set

      Bento-box style lunchbox features nesting compartments for entrees, side dishes, and silverware; paired with cup, sauce containers, and bag

      C$57.96 C$24.99

      The Sharper Image Super Wave Oven

      Countertop oven combines three cooking methods to quickly bake, grill, boil, steam, fry, or broil; cooks meat without having to defrost

      C$99.99 C$79.99

      2-Pack of Asobu Flavour2Go Water Bottles

      Two-pack of BPA-free tritan hot or cold water bottles with built-in flavor infusers for fresh fruit and herbs; dishwasher safe

      C$60 C$22.99

      Dash Citrus Juicer in Silver

      Countertop juicer is powered by a 90-watt motor and handles whole fruit thanks to a built-in slicer and two reamers, one for each half

      C$86.69 C$59.99

      The Biggest Loser Quick & Easy Cookbook

      Weight loss cookbook outlines eating plan and 75 low-calorie recipes that require 20 minutes of prep time or less

      C$21.99 C$14.99

      Kalorik Stainless Steel 7-Egg Cooker

      Stainless steel egg cooker with removable cooking tray capably boils up to 7 eggs—hard or soft—or poaches up to 4

      C$34.99 C$24.99

      Kalorik Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

      Rugged device with secure grip quickly grinds meat and fills sausage casings using a stainless steel blade and sintered-steel cutting discs

      C$149.99 C$99.99

      Glass Grenade Decanter

      Grenade-shaped glass decanter holds up to 17 oz. of flavorful spirits

      C$29.95 C$23.99

      Ad-N-Art 2-Pack of Vino-2-Go Wine Glasses

      Two double-walled acrylic wine glasses with lids keep drinks cool and safe outdoors

      C$29.98 C$19.99

      Kalorik iSense Food Scale Mixing Bowls

      Versatile kitchen scale with a detachable stainless steel bowl features multiple preset modes that take the guesswork out of new recipes

      C$49.99 C$29.99

      Perma Frost Refreezable Drink Bottle

      After freezing, these colorful, eye-catching bottles keep favorite drinks chilled for hours outside the fridge

      C$41 C$29.99

      2-Pack of Yo-to-Go Yogurt Containers

      Acrylic yogurt containers with a domed lid for mix-in items and a built-in slot for spoons keep yogurt fresh throughout the day

      C$25.98 C$17.99

      Set of Nine Multicolor Whiskey Stones

      Cubes of soft stone can be chilled in the freezer to keep beverages cold without diluting them or adding any odor or flavor

      C$25.99 C$16.99

      Asobu Hot Press Travel Mugs

      Brew your coffee or tea in-mug as you head out on the road; vacuum insulation helps drinks maintain temperature

      C$49.98 C$32.99

      Eat This, Not That! 4-Book Bundle

      By comparing nutrition facts of food and drinks at the nations’ biggest restaurants, books help readers lose weight without dieting

      C$79.96 C$24.99

      Set of 2 Deep Tea Diver Infusers

      Fill this mini deep sea diver with your favorite loose-leaf tea, then submerge him to any depth thanks to a stainless steel “air tank”

      C$45.90 C$27.99

      I'm Just Here for More Food by Alton Brown

      Food Network personality Alton Brown’s guide to baking is part cookbook, part scientific guidebook with tips on understanding baking basics

      C$32 C$19.99

      9-Piece 100% Cotton Apron Set

      Colorful patterns cover a ruffly apron and matching tea towels, pot holders, and oven mitts, all made of 100% cotton with satin accents

      C$49.95 C$27.99

      Ice Vino 2 Go Travel Cups 2-Pack

      Suited for outdoor parties or houses made hot by the appearance of George Clooney, these sippy cups keep wine chilled

      C$39.90 C$29.99

      Car Tire-Inspired Thermos

      Car enthusiasts keep their morning brew hot inside of a double-walled, stainless steel thermos that has a PVC, tired-shaped exterior

      C$30 C$19.99

      50-Caliber-Bullet Bottle Opener or Corkscrew

      Made from the real spent shells of a 50-caliber bullet, bottle openers and corkscrews help get any party started

      C$17.91 C$14.99

      The One One One Diet

      Weight loss plan detailed in this book eliminates the math by encouraging one protein, one carb, and one fat at every meal

      C$25.99 C$14.99

      ThinkTank Food Storage Bowls

      Plastic food storage bowls with locking airtight lids in 16- or 14-piece collections

      C$38 C$15.99

      Fred and Friends 2 Carat Cup with Ring Holder

      Packed in an oversized jewelry box, this white porcelain mug has a ring-shaped handle adorned with a Swarovski Elements crystal

      C$26.99 C$19.99

      Adrien Lewis 24-Piece Cutlery Sets

      Ornate or minimal tableware set includes 6 matching knives, spoons, forks, and teaspoons that are forged from stainless steel

      C$34.99 C$19.99

      Set of 4 Mason Jar Shot Glasses

      These miniature glass mason jars provide a fun and rustic way to serve spirits

      C$21.95 C$14.99

      14-Piece Food Storage Set or Entenmann's Giant 3D Cupcake Pan

      Add an unexpected treat to the dessert table with a giant 3D cupcake pan, or store food in the fridge or freezer with a locking set

      C$25.99 C$10.99

      Shot Glass Party Games

      Party games determine who must take the next shot with fun features such as a “loaded” die or a spinnable arrow

      C$16.52 C$12.99

      Doppia Taza Double-Sided Cappuccino and Espresso Mug

      Clever double-sided ceramic mug has separate cups for espresso & cappuccino so you can flip it over when you’re ready for a different drink


      Memo Pad Mug

      Ceramic mug with memo pad design that coffee drinkers can write on using a pencil; washable and reusable

      C$39.98 C$16.99