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      50% Off Car Detailing

      Niagara Car Care Centre


      As techs wash and wax cars, they meticulously remove bugs and salt before vacuuming, cleaning, and protecting interior surfaces

      C$150 C$75

      Full Set of Faux-Leather Seat Covers

      Universal-fit covers are compatible with heated seats and protect seats from spills and pet hair, helping to keep cars’ resale value high

      C$124.99 C$59.99

      50% Off Rust Proofing at Shining Car Wash

      Shining Car Wash

      Western Hill

      Techs treat cars to a thorough rust-proofing treatment to inhibit damaging rust on the undercarriage

      C$139 C$69.99

      7-Piece Home or Auto Emergency Tool Kit

      Tool kit with two screwdrivers, hammer, long-nose pliers, 3’ measuring tape, and tweezers

      C$18.99 C$14.99

      As Seen on TV Handy EZ Windshield Wiper

      Windshield cleaner with an ergonomic handle and microfiber pad which requires only tap water to clean glass; as seen on TV

      C$11.99 C$9.99

      Semi-Custom Trimmable Vinyl Floor Mats

      Heavy-duty ridged set of two front and one rear vinyl floor mat fits most vehicles, and can be trimmed for a better fit if needed

      C$56.99 C$44.99

      Full Set of 4 Premium Vinyl Floor Mats

      Floor mats trap mud and debris with high ridges and channel them to a reservoir, protecting carpets and feet from stains; trim-to-fit design

      C$70.24 C$41.99

      Semi-Custom Trimmable Vinyl Trunk Liner Cargo Mat

      Heavy-duty vinyl trunk liners protect spills and weather, large enough for trucks, vans, or SUVs with a trimmable design for a custom fit

      C$66.49 C$34.99

      51% Off at Access Roadside Assistance

      Access Roadside Assistance

      Close to home or across Canada and the States, roadside service gives drivers peace of mind, securing against all manner of mishaps

      C$80 C$39

      E-Z Travel Collapsible Tray with Tissue Dispenser

      Made from waterproof Oxford fabric, this collapsible unit hangs from car seats, serves as a portable workstation when you’re on the road

      C$55.74 C$22.99

      Universal-Fit Car-Seat Cover Combo Set

      Sleek-looking covers protect traditional or heated car seats from wear and tear; machine washable

      C$112.49 C$59.99

      E-Z Travel Car-Seat Back Protector

      Durable car organizer devices made of heavy-duty Oxford fabric that is both waterproof and breathable

      C$34.48 C$24.99

      Premium Waterproof ATV Protective Cover

      Durable, UV-resistant cover fits snugly over ATVs, protecting them against scratches and harsh climate conditions

      C$66.49 C$39.99

      Premium Coated UV-Protective Car Cover with Storage Bag

      Protect cars against snow, dust, and UV rays with these water-resistant covers, which are semi-customized to fit most sedans

      C$56.49 C$39.99

      FH Group Full Set of Vehicle Floor Mats

      Waterproof and stain-resistant, 4-piece rubber floor mat sets provide all-weather protection for most car, truck, SUV, and van floors

      C$46.49 C$23.99