Baseball in Des Moines

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An indoor baseball, softball, and soccer training facility, The Batter's Box provides athletes of all ages a year-round spot to improve their skills. Balls and bats clack at nine different baseball and softball areas—including six automated batting cages and a bullpen tunnel—where pitchers practice throwing from the stretch and learn what it takes to not be a belly itcher. Under the same roof, a 5,000-square-foot oasis of AstroTurf sprawls before soccer players, and professional instructors dish out coaching tips to individuals or groups during lessons.

1300 Metro East Dr
Pleasant Hill,

The crew at Athletes Advantage helps players and teams hone their swings and pitches in an indoor, 150'x42' facility. Batting cages and pitching lanes are equipped with mounds, and Iron Mike pitching machines lob balls at waiting batters, and both baseball and softball players throw in pitching lanes. Private instruction is overseen by experienced pros, who also oversee boot-camp classes that combine cardio and weight training.

53896 Hwy 210

Sportsplex West helps serious athletes and recreational weekenders train, practice, and compete year round in a modern, indoor sports facility. The 36-foot high, 1,050 square foot rock-climbing wall allows climbers to strap safely into harnesses and muscle their way up using ropes and footholds. Friendly and knowledgeable staff members are on hand to address questions of all types, from clambering queries to crises over what color to paint the neighbor’s dog. Put Everestine ambitions into action with the all-day rock climbing pass and scale the massive monolith at your own pace, or choose the six-month pass for half a year of unlimited scrambling.

890 Southeast Olson Drive