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Equipment: Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, back care
Students should bring: Yoga mat, but if they forget or don't have one, we also have yoga mats available at the studio.
Average class length: 60–90 minutes
Number of Staff: 5–10 people
Class location: Indoors only
Established: 2013
Registration required: No
Good for beginners: Yes
Guests allowed: Yes
Parking: Parking lot
Pro Tip: Our meditative vinyasa yoga focuses on alignment for all levels, and is both challenging and calming.

Q&A with Deanna, Director

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?
We offer alignment-focused vinyasa classes that challenge students while encouraging them to be mindful and listen to their bodies. These classes also teach them how to tailor their practices to their unique needs. We explore pranayama, chanting, meditation, and the deeper aspects of yogic philosophy. Students love how these practices help them connect to the physical world, as well as what lies beyond it.

Our teachers also walk the walk. They practice, and can therefore share and teach from a place of understanding, compassion, and personal experience. They provide a supportive, receptive space that is conducive to exploring time-tested practices in a way that helps students understand how the mental, emotional, and physical can work together as a whole. They invite students to take a good look at habits and patterns, to press boundaries, with the understanding that this helps to develop trust in our own experience and a healthy sense of self and discernment. The development of self trust—and the ability to flow with the ups and downs of life—is powerful.

What is the biggest mistake you see people make when trying to get fit on their own?
Beginners often become frustrated with yoga because they tried it without a good teacher. But the truth is, yoga welcomes everyone. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or whether or not you can reach your toes. It is a practice of awareness that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit. I also think that it's important to create a strong foundation in the basics so students take care of their bodies and their unique needs. This is especially important for beginners and is best achieved with guidance from a receptive, knowledgeable teacher during in-person lessons.

What is a typical session of your program or class like for a student?
We start with exploring some aspect of the ancient philosophy or psychology of yoga. Then through chanting and breathing, we warm up to focus the mind and add ingredients that we will be emphasizing in the physical practice. We do a meditative flowing vinyasa with mindful sequencing to challenge and press boundaries in a safe way. Eventually, we wind down with cooling, calming poses and meditation.

44 Main Street

To the instructors at Branchburg Karate Academy, karate training is an ideal way to build up kids' self-confidence. They work to prove that point every week during children's karate classes, which de-emphasize competition so students can build skills at their own pace. As they practice precise martial-arts movements in a positive and upbeat environment, kids also develop other healthy attributes such as self-control, concentration, and an affinity for exercise.

American Legion Post 284, 1 Ridge Rd

Registered Dietitian Lori R. Lee and certified personal trainer Bob Lee's marriage resulted in more than a family: it produced a business that united fitness and nutrition. The couple has spent a combined 40 years working in the wellness industry. Clients at The Wellness Center of Northwest Jersey experience the sum total of their experience, knowledge, and desire to share both at this facility recently reestablished for women only.

The center's staff of experts teach 30 small group classes per week including Pilates and yoga geared toward clients ranging in age from teens to mature adults. In addition to their Reader's-Choice award-winning workouts, certified exercise specialists guide novice and experienced athletes through injury or post-injury rehabilitation exercises or assist teens and adults with management of chronic pain and overall body conditioning. Lori herself uses the science she learned as a Registered Dietitian to help clients reboot their diets. She reminds them that, "You are what you eat, except you never grow chicken wings."

1206 Sussex Tpke

The experienced trainers at European Soccer Academy believe that positivity and commitment are key ingredients for inspiring their players, who range from three-year-olds to teens. Through a medley of individual and team services, they strive to plant the seeds of a lifelong love for the game. They practice with all comers, regardless of initial ability, and motivate kickers with safe and constructive teachings that are meant to hone motor skills while building muscle.

During 10-week team-training programs, academy experts work with coaches to tackle collective weaknesses and augment strengths. Employees personalize their exercises for one-on-one practice sessions, while summer camps instill goal-scoring skills with themed activities. Trainers can even attend matches and compose a game day evaluation, which suggests future team strategies such as painting the ball black to recruit muscly bowlers.

124 Reservoir Avenue

Winner of more than 100 mixed-martial-arts competitions, Tiger Schulmann shares his pride and love for fighting and self-defense with both adults and children in gyms across five states. From first-time grapplers to expert muay thai fighters, students of all fitness and experience levels are welcome to dive into a class at Schulmann’s. At more than 47 locations, adults can take classes in kickboxing, MMA, and jujitsu—the last of which instills students with the skill and confidence to take down opponents of any size, strength, or telekinetic ability. Kids, meanwhile, can learn martial arts for fun, or gain useful experience in bully prevention; the kids’ classes help victims immediately identify and safely diffuse situations when pitted against an aggressor.

427 U.S. 46

YOUnique Yoga's instructors oversee their studios' schedules of physically invigorating yoga sessions, which meet in intensely heated practice spaces to boost flexibility. Mainly employing Vinyasa techniques, the instructors teach all levels of students to perform a rhythmically flowing sequence of poses that uses synchronized breathing exercises to help students concentrate as they transition from one pose to the next with balance-challenging movements. In time, pupils learn to focus their thoughts while leaving their mind-body connections as balanced as a seesaw in zero gravity. The temperatures can hover between 98 and 108 degrees at each class, helping bodies safely sink into each stretch and shepherd toxins out the nearest sweat gland.

3138 Rte. 10