Hair Removal in East New York

Up to 87% Off Laser Hair Removal

Upper East Side

$450 $79

Internationally trained techs eradicate unwanted hairs with laser hair-removal system that targets variety of areas across the body

Up to 55% Off Hair Removal

Upper East Side

$42 $19

An aesthetician uses thread or wax to lift away unwanted hair

Laser Hair Removal

Forest Hills

$1,301.40 $99

Techs permanently banish hair from such areas as the bikini line, upper lip, underarms, chest, and legs

Up to 56% Off Electrolysis Hair Removal

Murray Hill

$110 $49

Tech with more than 20 years of experience permanently halts hair growth at the follicle with all three modalities of electrolysis

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair-Removal Treatments at Skin Spa New York

Multiple Locations

$300 $79


State-licensed aestheticians use Cutera lasers to remove 70%–90% of unwanted hair in six sessions; valid at seven Manhattan locations

Up to 96% Off Laser Hair Removal at Beauty Place


$1,200 $99


Laser technician stunts hair growth cycles by zapping melanin in the hair follicle with noninvasive Cutera laser

Up to 66% Off Electrolysis Hair Removal

Midtown West

$72 $29

Trained electrologist bathes base of hair follicles with heat to remove unwanted fuzzy patches

Up to 75% Off Laser Hair Removal at SkinProLogica


$395 $98

Cutera CoolGlide laser targets and destroys follicles on all skin tones to permanently reduce unwanted hair

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal

Midtown East

$1,032 $149


Deft techs use Cynosure Apogee Elite lasers to stunt hair growth at the follicle, nixing the need for shaving

Up to 81% Off Microdermabrasion


$248 $49


Diamond-tipped wands buff away dead skin cells, brightening the complexion and reducing the appearance of acne, fine lines, and age spots

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal

Upper East Side

$750 $89

Cynsoure Elite+ laser removes hair of all colors for people with light and dark complexions

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair Removal

Multiple Locations

$594 $119

Savvy techs use lasers to stifle hair growth at the follicle, nixing the need to wax, shave, or tweeze

Up to 87% Off Laser Hair Removal at Medi-Spa W

Upper East Side

$1,050 $159

Sciton hair-removal system targets hair at the root to reduce the growth of unwanted hair

Up to 72% Off Waxing at Praba Salon

East Harlem

$50 $19

Waxologists whisk away unwanted hair with sugar wax that is gentle on the skin and made from a natural Indian recipe

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal

Upper East Side

$600 $89


Laser energy limits future hair growth on the face or body

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal

Multiple Locations

$594 $89


Advanced lasers’ cooling systems keep clients comfortable as unwanted hair withers away

Up to 56% Off Waxing at Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge


$60 $25


Honey-based or hard waxes whisk away unwanted hair from skin, leaving it soft and smooth

Up to 61% Off Brazilian Waxes


$50 $24


Experienced technicians use professional wax to efficiently remove unwanted hair within a sunlit salon

Up to 58% Off Electrolysis


$80 $39

After determining candidacy, electrologist Susan Davina safely banishes unwanted hair

Up to 85% Off Laser Hair Removal

Howard Beach

$240 $89

Laser light targets unwanted hair at the follicle to remove existing strands and prevent further growth

Up to 61% Off Brazilian Waxes

Middle Village

$50 $25

Wax technician gives bikini zones a full clearing

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal

East Harlem

$600 $89

Technicians inhibit the growth of hair from areas all over the body for smooth skin

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal


$792 $99


FDA-approved Candela GentleMax lasers shut down follicles on all skin types to stifle hair growth, reducing need to wax, shave, or tweeze

Up to 93% Off Laser Hair Removal at Youngtopia


$400 $89

Technicians remove hair across the body in sessions that last 15–25 minutes at a time

Up to 92% Off Six Laser Hair-removal sessions


$500 $99


Trained techs removed infringing fuzz from all body areas using a gentle, FDA-approved laser hair-removal system

44% Off Services


$50 $28

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

Up to 60% Off Waxing at Sika Threading Salon


$18 $9

Aestheticians shape brows or depilate lips or chins with waxing treatments; Brazilian waxes remove all unwanted hair from bikini zones

Up to 79% Off Laser Hair-Removal Treatments

Sheepshead Bay

$297 $89

Using a Candela GentleMax Pro laser, technician erases hair from just about any part of the body

Up to 53% Off Brazilian Wax or Sugaring

Multiple Locations

$45 $22


Hair is quickly removed from Brazilian area using chocolate wax or natural sugar paste made from sugar, lemon juice, guar gum, and water

Up to 60% Off Laser Hair-Removal

Sheepshead Bay

$375 $179

Technicians remove hair from a single small, medium, or large area in three or six laser hair-removal treatments.

Up to 64% Off Brazilian Waxes

Brooklyn Heights

$55 $25


Brazilian waxes leave intimate areas bare for weeks longer than shaving, without razor burn and nicks

Up to 62% Off Waxing

Multiple Locations

$70 $29

Aestheticians remove hair from nether regions with Brazilian waxes; other waxing areas include eyebrows, lips, and arms

Up to 94% Off Laser Hair Removal


$1,350 $99


One or three body areas ranging from the lips to full arms can undergo laser hair removal for one year

Half Off Eyebrow or Brazilian Waxing


$9 $4.50

Brow wax shapes eye awnings into perfect arches; Brazilian wax preps bikini areas for swimsuit season

Up to 67% Off Body Scrubs and/or Bikini Waxes at C Wax

Upper East Side

$65 $25

Aestheticians call upon beeswax, pine wax, hard wax, or sugar paste or render bikini waxes or render body scrubs

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal at iSpa


$750 $129


Lasers target unwanted follicles during 10- to 45-minute sessions

Up to 59% Off Threading and Waxing Services

Multiple Locations

$35 $15


Seasoned aestheticians lift hair from intimate areas with wax or use sanitized cotton threads to clear hair from chin, lip, brows, or cheeks

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal


$750 $89

During each 15-, 20-, or 30-minute session, a certified laser specialist targets hair on any skin type with Candela technology

Up to 42% Off Electrolysis

New York

$50 $29

Fine probes deliver intense heat at the follicle to permanently stunt hair growth

Up to 49% Off Women's Waxing at TQ Spa

FlatIron District

$35 $19

Techs apply lavender and chamomile waxes for a touch of comfort during bikini, Brazilian, and brow waxes

Beauty and Youth Spa – Up to 85% Off Laser Hair Removal

Greenwich Village

$594 $89


Lasers wielded by medical staff emit pulses of energy to help remove unwanted hair from the face or body

Up to 72% Hair Removal at Love Laser


$300 $99

A Cynosure Elite device clears away hair from large areas such as the full face and neck or medium areas such as the bikini zone

Up to 63% Off Laser Hair-Removal


$390 $149

The Cynosure laser flits over the skin, sending focused beams beneath to slow or stop hair growth with little to no discomfort

Up to 56% Off Brazilian Waxing 

Downtown Manhattan

$60 $29


Expert staffer whisks away unwanted body hair from nether regions with wax

Up to 89% Off Laser Hair Removal

Greenwich Village

$750 $129


Savvy techs use lasers to stunt hair growth at the follicle, eventually nixing the need to shave, wax, or tweeze

Up to 52% Off Brazilian Waxes at A.R. Hair Salon


$45 $22

Technicians apply wax to bikini areas to remove unwanted hair

Up to 91% Off Laser Hair Removal


$1,445 $129


During each 15- to 45-minute treatment, licensed technicians use an FDA-approved noninvasive laser to zap stubble with minimal discomfort

GoGreen Organic Spa – Up to 66% Off Brazilian Waxes


$58 $29


Aestheticians defuzz bikini areas with gentle organic wax using hygienic practices, organic apricot oils, and stonecrop lotion

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair-Removal Treatments

Herald Square

$725 $129

Technicians use the Candela GentleYAG laser to heat and destroy each hair follicle without harming the surrounding skin

Up to 98% Off One Year of Laser Hair Removal


$1,600 $99

Rid almost any body part of hair with up to eight treatments per area

Up to 86% Off Laser Hair Removal

Midtown West

$900 $142


Long-pulse laser treatments permanently reduce hair growth on areas such as the upper lip and the bikini line

Up to 60% Off Brazilian Waxes


$50 $25


Experienced and careful technicians use hot wax to deftly remove hair from nether regions

Up to 62% Off Gourmet Brazilian Waxes


$75 $30

Aesthetician removes unwanted hair using gourmet wax containing chamomile, vitamin E, and essential oils that reduce irritation

Up to 51% Off Facial or Body Sugaring

New York

$45 $22


Facials rely on time-tested herbs to treat skin conditions such as acne and fine lines; sugar, lemon, and water paste gently removes hair

50% Off Services

Midtown South Central

$160 $80

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you.

Up to 97% Off Laser-Hair Removal

Midtown South Central

$2,250 $99


Lasers erase unwanted body hair from specific areas in non-invasive sessions

Up to 57% Off Female Bikini Waxes

Flatiron District

$30 $15


Award-winning spa pampers women using strip waxes that are made from natural products free of parabens and artificial coloring,

Up to 55% Off Brazilian Waxes

Midtown East

$55 $27


Brazilian aestheticians remove unwanted fuzz from bikini zones with wax imported from Brazil

Up to 82% Off Hair Removal

Multiple Locations

$180 $79


Using a laser suited to skin type, technicians target hair follicles to reduce regrowth and leave skin smooth and soft

Select Local Merchants

Vanity Laser's aestheticians don't view their treatments as merely aesthetic; rather, they strive to improve skin's health and appearance with each procedure. Using a quartet of FDA-approved lasers, including the GentleLase Pro and VelaShape II, the Vanity team's treatments rid bodies of stretch marks, cellulite, and unwanted hair. For new mothers, aestheticians offer the aforementioned procedures, as well as C-section scar removal and stretch-mark reduction. They also stand out as an inclusive establishment by specifically catering other treatments, such as scar reduction and body shaping, to transgender patients.

108-48 70th Road

The image experts at Laser Hair Removal of NY & Electrolysis by Celina enhance guests' façades through an array of aesthetic services such as the European facial. After composing a cleansing regimen that may include products from Murad and similar lines, therapists refresh façades by hydrating skin and removing leftover eggnog mustaches.

12510 Liberty Ave
South Richmond Hill,

Since 1998, Bellalaser, Inc.’s certified technicians have cared for clients with a menu of noninvasive laser services for the skin and body. Using a laser armed with an integrated cooling system, licensed operators can help reduce or eliminate unwanted hair so patients can stop other hair-removal routines such as waxing or wearing a name tag while shirtless. Techs will also harness the power of the FDA-approved VelaShape laser system to reduce cellulite and shrink waist circumferences. Skin specialists use lasers to tighten and rejuvenate wrinkly skin, while aestheticians treat faces with a variety of non-laser procedures, including microdermabrasion, facials, and collagen masks. Bellalaser also carries a signature line of skincare products including sunblock, exfoliating body shampoo, and skin-tightening contouring gel.

701 86th St

Skin Science's team of licensed technicians helps eliminate unwanted fuzz and wrangle figures into more shapely profiles with noninvasive laser treatments. Laser hair-removal sessions bombard bristles with intense light energy, swiftly exterminating strands for long-lasting hairlessness. VelaShape treatments shower skinscapes with a profusion of radio frequencies designed to cause cells below the thighs, buttocks, love handles, or abdomen to suck in their collective guts and release excess fat into the lymphatic system, pulling the overlying skin into a pleasantly smooth surface. The procedures typically cause little to no pain, and, like traveling in a hovercraft, require no downtime.

1414 Avenue P

The eclectic staff of Yaffa’s Living Well provides a comprehensive repertoire of services to promote holistic wellness, helping clients become healthier and more relaxed from the inside out. Visitors in need of physical relaxation can opt to de-stress weary soul sacks with rounds of detoxifying ionic footbaths, therapeutic massages, or energizing reiki. Acupuncturists can help appease minds unable to let go of ongoing work projects or enable them to rest until they understand life as a porcupine. To unwind the kind of stress accumulated over the long term, clients can find relief from the center’s new-age staff, including a psychic, life coach, and a hypnotherapist.

1322 E 14th St

With six locations peppering Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, Precise Brows’ fleet of trained waxers keeps faces and bodies looking polished. Waxing banishes unwanted fur from arms, legs, stomachs, and bikini areas, and hairstylists shear off split ends from scalps and blow-dry remaining lengths into sleek shape. Faces fearful of wax can forgo the sticky stuff in favor of threading services available from the neck up. Taking a break from bristle, the staff can also enhance winks with eyelash extensions or etch beautiful black or herbal henna onto skin to ready it for a special occasion or camouflage regretful tattoos of Jeopardy host Alex Trebek.

1935 86th St