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Led by a CrossFit Level 1–certified instructor and former fireman; daily workouts stave off boredom and help to burn fat and build muscles

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CrossFit classes meet six days a week to improve exercisers’ stamina, strength, agility, and balance with scalable, high-intensity workouts

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Build strength and endurance during a month of high-intensity CrossFit training

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Settlers Village

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CrossFit-certified trainers guide students through intense and varied workouts to mold flab into muscle

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Power House Business Park

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CrossFit classes bust bodies into shape with intense, ever-changing workouts that keep metabolism pumping

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Coach John Thompson leads students of all fitness levels through workouts-of-the-day, including strength training and high-intensity cardio

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CrossFit uses constantly varied, high-intensity movements to help participants of any skill level increase their strength and stamina

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We are not your typical gym. We teach the CrossFit methodology, which includes basic to advanced level classes in functional exercise, athletic conditioning, plyometrics, kettlebell training, olympic weightlifting, medicine ball training, and basic gymnastics.

9410 Dallas Pkwy.

Chad Marr worked as everything from an in-the-trenches personal trainer to a club manager over his 30-year fitness career. He also met and befriended tons of other coaches, NFL and MLB players, and professional bodybuilders. When the time came to start his own gym, he put his experiences with these athletic titans to good use, designing a comprehensive program emphasizing training principles and fundamentals to push clients from all walks of life to the next level of fitness while minimizing the risk of injury, whether that goal might be losing weight or getting ready for the combine.

Today, Chad and his team live by the mantra "anyone can make you sweat; we can make you better." Instead of simply focusing on physical development, instructors focus heavily on training, preach mental toughness and motivation, and measure athletic success not only by speed and strength but also by instincts and leadership. In pursuit of this improvement, Chad and his team lead dynamic training classes in a 7,000-square-foot facility—divided into a three-lane track, turf area, and strength-training room—filled with quality equipment to match his teams' professional resumés. They use a variety of training disciplines such as dynamic warm-ups and functional training, utilizing Eleiko weights and helping clients build muscle with the barbells and dumbbells used throughout international competition. When asked about cardio, Chad simply says, “Sprint track and turf, no ellipticals here.”

7164 Technology Drive

CrossFit FX TX is about allowing people to leave their egos, worries and arrogance at the door. We provide an extreme functional training environment that will allow members to become the best they can and ever will become!

1108 N Greenville Ave

The CrossFit regimen builds warriors with a body blasting blend of cardio and functional fitness routines that do not rely on relentless rows of exercise machines. Developed by fitness coach and part-time crime investigator Greg Glassman, CrossFit rapidly gained followers after Glassman began posting free workouts on his website in 2001. Today, Navy SEALS, firefighters and Lance Armstrong all use Glassman's short and intense daily routines to push themselves to their physical limits, though students of all fitness levels can participate in the CrossFit program. Along with delivering fast shape-up results, CrossFit enhances competency at functional physical tasks such as lifting heavy grocery bags, moving sofas and tiger juggling. Exercisers are under the guidance of a trained professional during all classes, eliminating the risk of injury that comes with attempting CrossFit's exercises at home or inside a trash compactor.

2001 Coit Rd

Human Performance Studio featuring experts in Functional Training, Sports Performance, Yoga, Boot Camp, Combine 360 Testing, Personal Training, Sports Massage, Movement Therapy, and Weight Loss.

3405 Midway Rd

At CrossFit South Lewisville, passionate trainers lead students of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels through high-intensity workouts that blend gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio to mold the body into a lithe, athletic machine. Developed by Greg Glassman in 2002, CrossFit depends on a dedicated community of followers that motivate each other through an ever-changing barrage of daily exercises. The workouts focus on functional movement and variety, steering clear of the repetitive, pointless grind of a cross-country stationary bike ride. Instructors at CrossFit South Lewisville do more than inspire their pupils to lift massive tractor tires or increase their heart rates—they welcome them into a community of fellow athletes, shaping flab into muscle with personal training, nutrition planning, and sports-specific workouts.

2585 MacArthur Blvd