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Since its 1965 founding in Venice Beach, California, Gold's Gym has dotted the globe with more than 600 locations where professional athletes and exercise newbies gather under the umbrella of personal strength. Nearly 3.5 million Gold's members chart and aim for their fitness peaks, perspiring beneath the gaze of certified personal trainers or pedaling beside peers at cycling sessions. In a diverse lineup of group classes, patrons strengthen cores with Pilates, finger-paint pictures of ninjas in martial arts, and amp up heart rates along to the pulsating soundtracks of Mossa routines.

Many Gold's Gym locations stockpile futuristic amenities, such as cardio machines with individual iPod docks and televisions that help keep patrons motivated.

5791 Widewaters Pkwy.
De Witt,

Premier Sports Center’s indoor sporting haven pairs up-and-coming sluggers with an ultramodern quintet of pristine automated batting cages. With each token, good for 18 pitches, batters can refine the ideal stance, spit, and swing against balls hurtling at a variety of speeds. Three of Premier’s cages allow players to populate their orb onslaught with baseballs, softballs, or disembodied doll heads. Batters are welcome to tote along their own bats and helmets, though an on-site arsenal of noggin-shields and ballpark batons can ably equip the unprepared for frenzied rounds of sphere smashing. Though not included in this Groupon, Premier Sports Center also rents out outdoor tennis courts and an indoor astroturf sports field and boasts an on-site café with free WiFi and outdoor seating.

701 Phillips Rd

Indoor Soccer - Leagues and Rentals Indoor Basketball - Leagues and Rentals Indoor Lacrosse - Table Tennis Batting Cages - Litlle League, Baseball, Fast Pitch Softball, and Slow Pitch Softball. Weekdays we are open 12noon to 12 midnight and Weekends we are open 10am to 12 midnight.

1460 E Henrietta Rd

Patrons enter Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery to discover the handmade work of more than 30 North American artists, including unique glass creations that focus on various styles, shapes and colours. Adorn freshly cut evergreens in a candy-cane design that reflects twinkling lights across its crimson hues, or place a bucket beneath a green-glass icicle in case it melts back into sand. An on-site studio beckons visitors over for daily demonstrations, in which local artisans use pipes to transform glowing glass into semi-transparent vases or summon flames by loudly gossiping about dragons in order to render glass beads. After selecting their five ornaments, customers can peruse the other artwork that occasionally sprouts from the store's exposed stone wall, including paintings, sculptures, and vases.

56 Francis St