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Dr. Lindsay Hamlin doesn’t despise humble beginnings. As a college student, she served as a receptionist at a local optometry clinic, where she worked with patients during the prescreening and frame-selection processes. After graduation she enrolled in Pacific University College of Optometry, which landed her an internship at a veterans' hospital. Nowadays she and her staff tend to ocular regions by performing eye exams and selling contact lenses. They also snap photos of retinas to detect diseases such as hypertensive retinopathy.

255 W Canfield Ave
Coeur d'Alene,

Pacific EyeCare & Optical ameliorates the nearsighted and farsighted with a bevy of custom lenses embedded inside designer frames. Guess, Cole Haan, and Izod lead the boutique’s lineup of designer glasses ($99–$259), which attract favorable attention to the upper-cranium without having to wear a Trojan war helmet. Each ocular accessory comes fitted with single-vision plastic ($90), polycarbonate ($146), or mid–high index ($185-$229) lenses. Optical orbs can be embellished with no-line progressive bi-focals ($185), transition tints (additional $85), or glare-free lenses (additional $89) for easier reading in the sun or by the unreliably flickering light of a burning pile of Eat Pray Love Blu-rays.

5011 W Lowell Ave